Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Bubba Lets Down Kansas City Royals

Just like the rest of us, and despite his multi-million dollar contract, this local hero isn't going to be a star or a dominant player. Here's confirmation after his 2019 debut FAIL

Kansas City Royals: Most disappointing players in 2019

Fans expected a little bit of improvement in 2019, but that didn't end up happening, as the Kansas City Royals lost 100 games in back to back seasons. Most of the season resulted in disappointment, but who were some of the most disappointing players for the Royals in 2019?


Anonymous said...

He made his millions. Just wondering if he regrets not staying at Nebraska for football? Again, his bank account says otherwise, but maybe he wishes he stayed a Husker.

Anonymous said...

Who cares

Anonymous said...

^^^^ obviously u bitch.

He needs more time. They took him out of the farm system too soon because this team sucks so bad. Send him back down and let him grow his skill.

Anonymous said...

He was awesome in high school.