Broken Foster Care System Exposes Youngsters To Danger On Kansas City Streets

More reporting on a recent rescue mission and a glimpse at the systemic problems that underlie the issue. Read more:

Kansas City foster care problems left kids vulnerable to sex traffickers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - More than a dozen children who ran away from troubled Kansas welfare system and juvenile corrections placements have wound up incarcerated for crimes related to human trafficking, drawing the ire of victims' advocates and some lawmakers who say the runaways were victims themselves. After former Republican Gov.


  1. And how do you suggest that you keep them from running away?

  2. Once you turn 18, you age out. No more cash to care for foster child. Most(All) get kicked out. That's homelessness reality. Broken down system. Let them ride a bike or sleep in new mini parks. Let's widen the sidewalk so they can find a job and live outside. Not my problem.


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