Autumn Allows Kansas City Time To Search For The Perfect Coffee Shop

This weekend PH Coffee won the contest for "buzz" among urban core crowds but java addicts like TKC can be fickle. For those too cheap to pay for an office but still like to people watch and act semi-important in public, KC has FAR TOO MANY coffee shop options and most of them are horrible . . . However, the sheer supply of places puts the power in the hands of the consumer and gives us another topic over which to argue. Here's the latest coffee shop discussion about one of many jittery businesses in this town.

Food Critics: The Best Coffee Shops in Kansas City In 2019

After seeing national "best of" coffee lists skipping the entire Midwest, coffee blogger Leanna Bales started a website Many States of Coffee. Those lists, she said, "didn't really reflect what I was seeing in Kansas City, which was just this really beautiful coffee culture where I think there's a lot of movement between coffee shops and community."


  1. QT because it's cheaper and people who have real jobs are too busy to hang out and eat muffins.

  2. Lwandeka Amagi10/13/19, 5:34 AM

    Kansas City has the most baristas with gender blender degrees in the midwest. KCMO now has set more records;
    Most baristas with gender blender degree
    Most losses by the Royals
    Most murders in a year
    Top 10 of most in debt towns in nation
    Top 5 of most dangerous towns
    Most miles of bicycle lanes to nowhere

    So much winning and momentum.

    There are probably more that can be added to the list.

  3. I know one in Brookside that has went down hill since they hired one Fluffy boy. He smart mouths a lot of straight customers. I guess it's called hatred towards LGbt when a person hates customers and you dislike him. I guess if he was anything but white, you could also call it racism. One could sure just not call it a bad employee that has cost a lot of business for the owner. The Owner's husband had his own public scandal lately. He also confused that he was above the law. Maybe it's how thinks roll in the KC culture of Obama curved pinky while sipping crowd and showing you have an Apple pro mac. 7 dollar and hour workers seeking social climbing by ordering a $4.50 drink each morning. Let's not kid ourselves. "And a gay Barista with purple hair / fighting for the second coming of Che', fixes my drink." lol. You know it.

  4. He bad mouths me and I will slap the purple right out of his hair.

  5. Byron Funkhouser10/13/19, 9:32 AM

    ^^ I look forward to reading about your arrest.

    1. Oh, Chimpy, also known as Byron Funkymunky, you have such silly fantasies....wishing everyone was caged like you.

  6. ^^^^^Maybe in your mind stupid but verbal dress down can be same as a assault but then the law has never been one of your stronger points. No wonder your family hates you so.

    But you have been in jail so often I'm sure you think your jailhouse law degree makes you an expert.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    QT because it's cheaper and people who have real jobs are too busy to hang out and eat muffins.

    10/13/19, 5:00 AM


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