Monday, September 30, 2019


The Midwest is now front and center in the fight for the heart & soul of the Republican Party.

And so we ask . . .


Consider . . .

National election politics often focuses on handful of key states BUT OPTIMISTS SEEM TO SUGGEST THAT MISSOURI MIGHT ONCE AGAIN BECOME A SWING STATE. JoCo is now a Democratic Party stronghold and there's a growing effort to do the same with Lawrence as the progressive anchor of Douglas County.

And so we share these news links from "many sides" of the issue as this national debate persists . . .

Fox4KC: Attorney General William Barr coming to Kansas this week for events with Sen. Moran

NYMag: Trump Supporters More Likely to Identify As Gluten-Free: Study

KCTV5: Blunt says he's waiting to form opinion on Trump impeachment

MSN: Decline of the white working class spells trouble for Trump

NBC: Pompeo was on Trump-Ukraine call at center of impeachment inquiry

VOX: Trump loyalists are working hard to defend the president. It isn’t going well.

Newsweek: Young Trump Voters Like These Are Key to a 2020 Victory

Fox News: Pelosi's '60 Minutes' whistleblower comments prompt GOP concerns of 'political setup'

The Wrap: Former Senator Jeff Flake Appeals to Fellow Republicans: Don’t Support Trump in 2020

CNN: Why it's so scary when Trump tweets about civil war

Bloomberg: Impeachment Doesn’t Shake Trump Voters, But Sows Doubt on Biden

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Some good links in that collection TKC but I think you might be missing the point.

At the end of the day and for all of his faults, President Trump is still much better than Hillary Clinton.

Even now, most voters would agree and the next Democratic Party challenger might face the same fate as your link on Joe Biden seems to point out.

Anonymous said...

We just have to think how democrat KC and Jackson County is run. Trump 2020.

Anonymous said...

No. We will not support a treasonous coward destroy everything this country was built on. Every true American stands against his abuse of power. He’s on his own.

Anonymous said...

Democrats need to get over it. Prove they are worthy of being leaders not just a machine of disruption.

Johnston said...

Sorry but if Warren/Biden is all they got. Gonna vote Trump again.

Lothar said...

What a bunch of rubes on this blog. You think he'll actually make it to 2020? He'll be impeached way before then.

Anonymous said...

Republicans need to grow a set of balls along with a spine and Stop letting Trump shit all over them. Wake up, it’s not a deep-State conspiracy like your overlords want you to believe, this administration is treasonous and corrupt to the bone. You’re all on the wrong side of history and the damage you all have done to your party will never be repaired. Appeasers and traitors the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Try harder, no one is biting on your b.s.

Anonymous said...

^^^Talking to yourself again, @9:27?

GKCA said...

Blunt will be the first one to bounce, he's already on the fence.

Hawley won't be far behind if Blunt goes.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a national disgrace. There is no support for treachery & corruption here. This President(and I use that term loosely) has flaunted the rule of law since day one of his criminal administration and his supporters continue to enable his crimes. No more, the country has finally moved against him. He does not get to survive this.

Anonymous said...

Left coast liberal or Trump, I'll take Trump. Sometimes the devil you know..........

Anonymous said...

The dems are the disgrace, they’ve done nothing for you the whole time President Trump has been in office, Trump has been under fire the whole time and still manages to get things done for the american people.

Anonymous said...

Frank white is a dummocuck and look at the amazing job he’s doing for the taxpayers, Trump moves us forward and Frankie boy takes us back to the stone ages.

Trump wins again and again and again!

Anonymous said...

^^^@9:54-The sad & pathetic fact that you use “ dummocuck” in your post shows that you’re quite immature and really have no grasp of the issues. It seems all you know is what your told on Fox News every night. The rest of us here would appreciate it if you went away. You don’t really have anything intelligent to add to the conversation and are really just a nuisance. Please go ask your husband what you should think, and go watch Real Housewives. It’s more your speed.

chuck said...

If Trump does survive, think of what he has had to overcome. The information available to the public from a corrupt media, suppresses positive content, traffics in lies, anonymous sources that turn out to be liars, obfuscates relative content, promotes fallacious interpretations of the facts and is, a de facto PR Bureau for the Democrat opposition, which in turn, is categorically guilty of the very malfeasance they accuse Trump of, which, they ignore.

The agenda driven, press pack dogs masquerading as an objective entity that the public should trust when they report, is THE ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

No president in history has received this much negative press. Lincoln was pilloried in the South and Jefferson was pilloried in the North, but, at least those two politicians, could occasionally read SOMETHING positive from some publication about their administrations.

The Main Stream Media drives numbers and indeed, makes bank on the increase in rates for advertising to their base, during stressful, divisive times for the Americans who tune in.

At what cost?

Oleaginous politicians from both sides, firmly ensconced in sinecure and shittin in tall cotton by way of tax payer cash, encourage the division and the hate, because Trump threatens the cabal of scurrilous scofflaws who, like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi stand in front of the cameras and lie, gas-light and deceive Americans in order to maintain the status quo.

Trillions of dollars, heretofore, diverted from your wallets into the Washington DC Money Pit are at risk. The Good-O'le-Boy network that, as happened with Hunter Biden, for decades, has lined the pockets of corrupt public servants is now in play, by way of Trump's administration.

Trump gets up everyday, in a town, where Democrats, Republicans and especially rich, privileged Bureaucrats hate him and would do anything to keep things the way they are.

God bless Trump and God bless America, I hope he prevails.

Anonymous said...

I’m still waiting for the proof from the democrats of what he did is treasonous. There was no Russian collusion and no quid quo pro. The burden of proof lies on the democrats and they keep failing. There’s even a video of Biden bragging about his treasonous acts, yet the TDS is so strong with morons like you I’m betting your party will act violently if Trump isn’t removed.

Anonymous said...

10:05 chuck just shut down your childish response.

That ones gonna leave a mark!

Anonymous said...

+100 on Chuck! ^^^^

May not agree with it all but that dude ain't kidding about his commitment!

Anonymous said...

joe and hunter biden seen golfing with ukraine gas company exec back in 2014 photo shows.

Biden is going to jail.

Anonymous said...

It's a coup by the CIA/Deep State that seems to be the overwhelming consensus. The most aggravating part of that is as Americans we ALL seem to know that. We ALL know our pathetic media is directly involved and runs cover for them. Yet we as citizens have little choice but to sit and watch them steal out Republic. Why in generations past, did our forefather rise up and combat this tyranny and yet we don’t ? Why did the French recently rise up and we don’t ? Why are the citizens of Hong Kong risking their lives to fight an even more overt and brutal regime, and yet we don’t?

Anonymous said...

The spark will be when they come for the guns. It's what triggered the first one. Pun intended. I also believe if anything happens to Trump It will be pretty bad in DC. There probably won't be very many politicians that make it out. Our congress in their infinite arrogance, have surely over estimated their control and under estimated the response. All Trump has to do is say he needs a million patriots in DC and it would happen.

Anonymous said...

Snivelin Schiff is on tape trying to dig up dirt on Trump in the Ukraine.......

chuck said...

10:31 If Trump wins again, the CIA will make sure the motorcade turns left on Elm and slows to 5MPH.

Make no mistake, they will kill him.

Trillions are at stake for the corrupt insiders in Washington DC who have already had no problem sending Hundreds of thousands to die in wars for a fantasy and a trick of fame.

They will kill him.

Anonymous said...

Decline of the white working class spells trouble for trump... Just as I have been saying all along, the poor uneducated white people are responsible for this entire trump mess. Just like white folks running around kissing up to old rich white men. That is the root cause of all the problems in this country, poor white folks.

Anonymous said...

"But, I know what was in the call," Pelosi continued, before quickly adding, "I mean, uh, it was in the public domain."


Pelosi's remark drew scrutiny from Republicans because no verbatim account of Trump's call had yet been made publicly available.

The phone call was made in July but the form changed two days before the dems brought all this up in August, that right there tells you it is a setup.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh the old blame whitey for everything card has been pulled, why don’t we just blame the poor dumb blacks for bleeding the system for the kickback money from the dummocucks for their votes. That’s the real problem right there.

I guess you could say that whitey owns the blacks in that sense.

Anonymous said...

What Trump and his supporters seem to miss is that the precedent for a Presidential Impeachment Investigation was set by a Republican House during the Clinton Administration. That precedent was proven to be unlimited. Remember that the investigation was into a financial matter (Whitewater), and when there proved to be noting of consequence there (the Clintons were taken for $250,000 by a Con Man on a Real Estate deal), the lead investigator, Ken Star, was given carte blanche by the GOP Congress to investigate literally everything!

Under that precedent, the financial dealings of the Trump Organization can be opened publicly and any revelations of any amounts received can be exhaustively examined to see if they constitute "emoluments". Trump's tax records can be made public, and would be subjected to forensic audit.

Since the Clinton Bill Of Impeachment, after several false starts and dead ends, revolved around an illegally recorded conversation with a White House Intern. In other words, Clinton got a blow Job and lied about it. Has Trump ever lied about any sexual escapades, or paid off anyone to conceal them? That should be investigated.

Also remember that a Russian Operative is currently serving a prison term for routing hundreds of millions of dollars of Russian money through Wayne Lapierre and the NRA to the campaigns of Trump and several Republican Congressional leaders. That, since both a Grand Jury and Trial Jury found evidence to be credible, should be another area of investigation.

Finally, remember that there was a Bill Of Impeachment prepared against Richard Nixon by a Republican House, which was mooted by Nixon's resignation. The main "High Crime" there was Obstruction Of Justice, resulting from Nixon's firing several Department Of Justice employees in an attempt to block their investigations (sound familiar).

So the best "play" for the Democrats seems to be to go ahead with the Investigation, releasing evidence as is discovered as was done by Congress when Clinton was the subject. If wrongdoing is determined, release all evidence of it (matters of Public Record remember) and forward the Bill to the Senate for Trial.

The Senate will then either have to conduct the Trial and, strictly along Party Lines, declare Trump to be innocent despite the evidence that has been made public, or, as is more likely, Senator McConnell would somehow stall the Trial until after the Election. In either case,every Republican Candidate, regardless of Office, would have to run with that anchor around his or her neck!

Can you say Democratic President and both Houses in 2020, boys and girls?
Do you think Mr. Trump's ego would let him resign?

Anonymous said...

What evidence?

Why do you think they haven’t voted on the impeachment inquiry yet?

Anonymous said...

Well, let's review chuck's post:

Corrupt Mainstream Media? Check!

Stupid grammar errors? Check! (I think the Good O'le Boy network is a bunch of bullfighters)

Love for Donald Trump? Check!

Evil Democrats? Check!

Oleaginous sinecure? Check! (Translation: "me using big words! chuck smart!"

All in all, another wonderful post from Mr. White Privilege, the Wizard of Willow Lane himself, the kill-all-blacks guy who will defend Trump to the very end he does not see coming.

Anonymous said...

Why do you make up shit like that? Chuck nevar said anything of the sort, you’re a child in a mans world, now go to bed child, you have to go to school to get your clothes washed and get your three squares because mommie won’t do it for you.

Anonymous said...

10:44 I agree, Clinton should not have been impeached. However, he actually committed crimes and there was an investigation into crimes reasonably alleged.

The "Beria" tactics of the Mueller witch hunt were an investigation LOOKING to find a crime.

There is substantial and credible information supporting the following eleven possible grounds for impeachment:

1. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil case when he denied a sexual affair, a sexual relationship, or sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

2. President Clinton lied under oath to the grand jury about his sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

3. In his civil deposition, to support his false statement about the sexual relationship, President Clinton also lied under oath about being alone with Ms. Lewinsky and about the many gifts exchanged between Ms. Lewinsky and him.

4. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil deposition about his discussions with Ms. Lewinsky concerning her involvement in the Jones case.

5. During the Jones case, the President obstructed justice and had an understanding with Ms. Lewinsky to jointly conceal the truth about their relationship by concealing gifts subpoenaed by Ms. Jones's attorneys.

6. During the Jones case, the President obstructed justice and had an understanding with Ms. Lewinsky to jointly conceal the truth of their relationship from the judicial process by a scheme that included the following means: (i) Both the President and Ms. Lewinsky understood that they would lie under oath in the Jones case about their sexual relationship; (ii) the President suggested to Ms. Lewinsky that she prepare an affidavit that, for the President's purposes, would memorialize her testimony under oath and could be used to prevent questioning of both of them about their relationship; (iii) Ms. Lewinsky signed and filed the false affidavit; (iv) the President used Ms. Lewinsky's false affidavit at his deposition in an attempt to head off questions about Ms. Lewinsky; and (v) when that failed, the President lied under oath at his civil deposition about the relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

7. President Clinton endeavored to obstruct justice by helping Ms. Lewinsky obtain a job in New York at a time when she would have been a witness harmful to him were she to tell the truth in the Jones case.

8. President Clinton lied under oath in his civil deposition about his discussions with Vernon Jordan concerning Ms. Lewinsky's involvement in the Jones case.

9. The President improperly tampered with a potential witness by attempting to corruptly influence the testimony of his personal secretary, Betty Currie, in the days after his civil deposition.

10. President Clinton endeavored to obstruct justice during the grand jury investigation by refusing to testify for seven months and lying to senior White House aides with knowledge that they would relay the President's false statements to the grand jury – and did thereby deceive, obstruct, and impede the grand jury.

11. President Clinton abused his constitutional authority by (i) lying to the public and the Congress in January 1998 about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky; (ii) promising at that time to cooperate fully with the grand jury investigation; (iii) later refusing six invitations to testify voluntarily to the grand jury; (iv) invoking Executive Privilege; (v) lying to the grand jury in August 1998; and (vi) lying again to the public and Congress on August 17, 1998 – all as part of an effort to hinder, impede, and deflect possible inquiry by the Congress of the United States.[8]

He MUST have done something! Lets try to get him for firing Comey.

Anonymous said...

10:53 you want Chuck's picture, admit it.

Anonymous said...

Do or say what you want ~~TRUMP is letting the water out of the swamp . Doing so leaves less room for the animals and they begin to eat each other or the biggest FIGHT between each other ~~~~weare seeing it happen ! TRUMP USA TRUMP USA TRUMP USA

Anonymous said...

The midwest won't save Trump.

Farmers are off the Trump train. He killed the soybean and dairy markets with high taxes. Corn is down on bio waivers. Bankruptcies are way up, back to Bush's great recession levels, but this time when the economy is supposed to be "the best ever".

He hasn't done a thing to help rural America. No new coal, no manufacturing, no trade deals, and no opioid help.

Trump's policies are so bad, he arranged big government bailouts for big Ag that now have cost twice that of the GM auto bailout (which was paid back). Then his Ag Secretary insults farmers.

And just look at this blog. No defense of Trump. Just Hillary, Biden, and Warren are terrible. Deflections. Lies and insults about Democrats is all they have.

Trump Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue said...

What do you call two farmers in a basement?

I don’t know, what do you call them?

A whine cellar.

August 2019 joke told at a Minnesota farm show two days after China declared a halt to purchasing American agricultural products as retaliation from Trump increasing tariffs on Chinese goods.

Super Dave said...

What we have here is trial by the media and that is just what the democrats want. The democrats are doing exactly what they are accusing Trump of in hopes you the public will swallow it like you are. Instead of the democrats spending money in campaign costs they are trying to use the media which costs them nothing to sling some mud around hoping to tarnish Trump's reelection

The democrats think that since they rule in the house they can rule everywhere. I don't agree with everything our POTUS may do or say, hell I don't agree with everything Tony says or does but it isn't reason to try and ruin him or to slander or lie about that he says or does. Hell if Chuck or I say anything in this blog we are attacked by the same kind of people who are the backbone of the hate towards our POTUS.

I could create a poll, go Sharice Davids dist and get the results that I could use to claim America per the polls stands behind Trump and is against this impeachment crap. Polls are so easily tainted it isn't funny. How ever you want any polls results to be depends on just where you do the asking and of whom. Plus when have you ever seen a poll that was 100% on the up and up. They can be as fake and misleading in their results and tabulating as the tits on Bruce Jenner's chest are.

If Trump was just running for President he would be accused of mud slinging but since he is our POTUS instead of refuting what he says they the demonuts will try and impeach him.

It's the same group of idiots who didn't want Brett Kavanaugh appointed that are fabricating and using people to fabricate this impeachment crap. Hillary voters are still pissed and no matter what she isn't or will never ever be President of anything again. If anyone's life should be under the microscope and investigated it's her and her sexual divate husband.

Anonymous said...

"The democrats think that since they rule in the house they can rule everywhere."

Yeah. Kinda like the Republicans in the Senate when they refused even to consider Merrick Garland.

What's good for the goose... .

Anonymous said...

Super Dave... " I don't agree with everything our POTUS may do or say,"


Super Dave said...

Wasn't an underhanded event 6:03 and made sense to many people. Plus the democrats had several alternatives they could have used to make the vote or appointment happen but they were so sure Hillary would win and we all know how that ended. Plus For his part, McConnell argued that the Democrats had at least contemplated a similar tactic back in 1992, when Obama's vice president, Joe Biden, was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and mused about urging President George H.W. Bush to withhold any nominees to the high court until the end of the "political season." so in the end the Biden rule justified the blockage of Garland.

Some say the Democrats hurt themselves two years ago, first with a nominee who would not excite the party's base. Whatever his evident virtues, Garland was another white male who, as a 63-year-old moderate, could not promise decades as a liberal warrior.

chuck said...

Forget it Dave, it's China Town..., or, in this case, Crazy Town.

Actual facts, contrasts and comparisons that reveal an obvious to all but the retarded, of a two tiered justice system and a corrupt to the core media mean nothing to the uneducated, blinkered, zealots in control of the megaphone.

Our dogs are smarter and certainly more trustworthy than the Fascist Idiots who support and dress up in masks, violently suppressing the truth.

BTW, don't say the words, "Illegal Alien" in New York, it could cost you $250,000.00 and prison time.

We are all Tommy Robinson.

Anonymous said...

^^True Dat

Anonymous said...

"The democrats think that since they rule in the house they can rule everywhere."

"Wasn't an underhanded event 6:03 and made sense to many people."

It's OK for Republicans to refuse to consider a Supreme Court nominee but not for Democrats to pursue an impeachment inquiry.

Do you see any inconsistency at all between your taking both of these positions?

Please get back to us when Fox News issues your talking points.

Anonymous said...

7:21 "Pursue an Impeachment Inquiry" = another witch hunt.

Anyone can be a whistleblower, all it takes is for the intelligence community to express an interest in your aunt’s gossip. And then anything anyone says can be used to draw up an article of impeachment. Which can then be voted on by the Democrat majority in Congress, and accepted after they, the Democrats change the rules.

Again, facts don't seem to matter - THE BIDEN RULE WAS INSTITUTED BY THE DEMOCRATS AND JOE BIDEN. Like it or not, it categorically covered the Republicans when, they refused the nomination of Garland.

You phony fucks are such gas lighting liars.

Anonymous said...

Chuck 10:38, I am taking the liberty of reporting your comment to the police...nothing will probably come of it, but it should be investigated.

chuck said...

Oh.., dear me..., I am so intimidated.

Go fuck yourself you Fascist pussy.

Slow Learner From Turner said...

Has anyone seen my car keys ?

Living Real Good In Leawood said...

Are those Dummocrats trying to move my cheese?!

LiberalismHasFailed said...

The criminal Obama Administration unleashed foreign governments to spy on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, but now that Trump, as president of the United States is directing his Attorney General to meet with those foreign leaders in order to expose Obama’s corrupt Spygate operation and to ferret out corruption, the Dems want his head on a platter.

Now it is obvious why the Deep State-Democrat-media complex is going crazy with leaks and impeachment hearings as they fear AG Bill Barr and Durham will finally hold the coup plotters accountable.

Anonymous said...

8:06 you silly piece of shit. You should be investigated for that. But nothing really to worry about. The FBI will probably just have a few questions. No reason to feel intimidated.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo, what conspiracy theories are the weirdo Republicans pushing today?

chuck said...

8:30 Again, you anonymous, Fascist fuck, go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

^^Take your broke ass to work, you lazy, good-for-nothing bastard!!!! No wonder you're as old as you are and still working!! So lazy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

8:30 you're the one who needs to be investigated for reporting and making false claims. That not my friend is illegal. Chuck saying the extreme left will probably kill Trump isn't an illegal statement.
GD are you ever fucking dumb is that the best comeback your mental midget brain could come up with?

Anonymous said...

^^Hey retard...mind your own business. How about that? Doesn't concern you, so keep your ass out of it. No one asked for your worthless opinion on it either. Mouth-breather.

Anonymous said...

Clinton was impeached because he literally lied under oath, which is a provable crime even to the dumbest of people. He was also disbarred and never allowed to practice law ever again, so it wasn't just the house.

No one is off the trump train and in fact he's more popular and this is solidifying it because this comes off quite easily as a kavanaugh smear. This riles up the dem base but it riles up the republicans more because they see if for the sham it is. If this continues Trump wins 2020 easily republicans most likely take back the house too. Trump in incredibly popular if you talk to people in real life...y'know just don't hang out on the internet

Anonymous said...

9:20, the report has been made. There was no false claim, just an observation as to what was said.

It is not illegal to suggest it should be investigated. It is the type of thing that could put the idea in some lunatics head.

As was indicated, nothing will probably come of it, but you seem awful concerned. Worried? Triggered.

Relax! The process will take a few days. Probably nothing will be checked until the weekend.

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

10:10 got knocked the fuck out and got all pissy about it.

Anonymous said...

11:32 just remember that lying to the FBI is a felony. That's what gets most of these guys. So just relax. You will probably be fine. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he didn't at all. It was you. You're projecting. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you seem very concerned. Something to hide? If not relax and enjoy the show (do you want popcorn with that? Buttered or plain?)

Anonymous said...

The Democommies are just.making shit up now. I agree with the poster who said they will try to take him out if their lies don't work. They are a murderous lot. If they will kill hundreds of thousands of innocent unborns they sure aren't going to care about old geezers.

Anonymous said...

Trump has the best words, and the smartest brain.