Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Welcoming Reluctant Workers To Kansas City

A glimpse at this reassuring note which reminds us that not everybody is as excited about a trip to this cowtown as Visit KC hype would have us believe . . . Take a look:

Opinion | Don't worry, USDA: Everything is up to date in Kansas City

I take issue with the Sept. 8 Metro article " For workers, the USDA move means upheaval," about the problems of Agriculture Department workers being transferred to Kansas City, Mo. Born and raised in Kansas City, I think it's a fine place to live. And being transferred there is not like being sent to Siberia.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Killa' City

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for the USDA workers that MAY be moving to KC. I know that they will find adequate housing, schools, shopping, and other quality of life amenities in Johnson County, KANSAS. As long as they avoid KCMO, they should be fine. Good luck.

Retro ROCKER said...

Welcome THE Deep State to Kansas City. They got some crazy little women there.

Anonymous said...

This is a cow town, with lots of violent crimes. Enter at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

Wow - for some very insightful perspective into the minds of DC residents, take a look at the comments sections in the WaPost and other DC papers about the USDA move. It's incredible how close-minded, elitist, and judgmental DC residents are. You'll find comments about everything from lack of educational attainment, racism (too white), cultural elitism (KC couldn't possibly offer anything), to just ridiculous statements about what living in the midwest is like.

All of these comments reaffirm that DC is not representative of our national experience and agencies should be moving out of that area. The USDA move confirmed that DC is out of touch.