We Local Transit Supporters Finally See Fed Cash For Kansas City Toy Train???

A glimmer of hope for Monday morning . . . A TKC Reader asks: "Will the new 'transit' section allocate money for the streetcar. The KC supporters might finally get their wish!"

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Appropriations Committee emphasizes importance of National Network to Amtrak-served communities. | Rail Passengers Association | Washington, DC

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed an $86.6 billion Fiscal Year 2020 transportation funding bill, an increase of $167 million over this year's levels--$58 million of which went to increased funding for Amtrak. The bill was approved by a vote of 31-0, a strong show of bipartisan support infrastructure investment has in Congress, and a rejection of the Trump Administration's proposal to eliminate funding for the National Network.


  1. No. The streetcar meme is dead not just in KC but for all the cities across the US who bought into this dumb scam for the oh la la metropolitan wannabe crowd

  2. There is no money for this from the Feds... we're running a 3-billion-dollar a day deficit... at some point someone has to say no.


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