Wednesday, September 25, 2019

UAW Strike Costs Kansas City Jobs

In the strike zone, today's report of job cuts . . .

66 Maintenance Workers Lose Jobs At Kansas City, Kansas, GM Plant Due To UAW Strike

Around the metro the auto industry impact worsens as well . . .

Local businesses start to feel effects of GM strike

MERRIAM, Kan. - The United Auto Workers strike continued for a ninth day Tuesday against General Motors. Around 2,000 members have been on strike since Sept. 16 at GM's Fairfax Assembly and Stamping Plant. When the news broke, people like Alan Heriford, who owns JoCo Auto Repair in Merriam, wondered if and how the strike would impact business.


Anonymous said...

What a load of horseshit!
I get it. GM goes on strike and all of the other cars in the city disappear.

Anonymous said...

This story is a joke.

Super Dave said...

Mass Media creating news again it appears.

Middle-class values=Spend it all said...

No worry! There's lots of UAW/GM strike-pay still making it's way to RedX for liquor, smokes, chew, and eats. Oh, likely there's more sales of lottery tickets. Hey, $30 an hour ain't bad, but it ain't Buffet, or, even Bernie kinda money!

Anonymous said...

^^Why are you in their business Gladys Kravitiz? Mind your own fucking business! Did I say anything about your PornHub subscription? Your NAMBLA membership dues? Your over due fees from Cirilla's?? Huh? Take care of your own business! Bitch.

Thank Ross Perot for more Made in Mexico! said..., those $50K Cowboy Cadillacs must not be selling well. Gee, this "strike" wouldn't be a correction for some excess inventories of vehicles and parts, huh? And, maybe the annual facilities maintenance and equipment re-tool coincidentally just got moved to the early fall instead of a few weeks in mid-winter.

Anonymous said...

Why are so angry Francis

Anonymous said...

2:19 is a fat, lazy fag who is angry and jealous because his boyfriend left him for another buttboi that's willing to work and help pay for butt lube and sex toys.

Anonymous said...

Not making GM cars? Of course repair shops will lose business!

NicK said...

then stand with your fellow workers and take that shit to GM

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That hurts, 6:45.



You have no Idea who I am said...

Only Democrate voters strike, YOU whine when YOU have it better than most and are greedy and want more, you mother fuckers are blue collar workers just like the rest of us blue collar workers, grow the fuck up, because when you strike it effects the rest of the world, and what ever company you work for that you are striking against, the rest of the world does not want to be associated with the products you make after you do!, so get back to work lazy entitled union based democrate BLUE collar workers!! And Fire Fighters apart of the IAFF, when I drive by a fire station supported by the taxes I pay to pay your wages, you either better be shinning up that underused fire truck, cutting grass or be washing the windows on the tax payer paid fire station!!