Saturday, September 14, 2019


Local organized labor news that impacts Kansas City and the entire nation as auto workers threaten management whilst a recession looms.

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KCTV5: UAW to let GM contract lapse, raising likelihood of strike

Jalopnik: $440 Champagne, Cigars And Fancy Parties: The Latest In The UAW Corruption Mess

CNN Biz: A GM strike could come as early as Sunday. But a union scandal makes negotiations harder

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Anonymous said...

The union wants to strike so their members can drink and drug full time without the burden of working.

Jimmy Hoffa said...

A union is a good ole boys club nothing more nothing less, the union is NOT really for "your" best interest, they are interested in your monthly dues, which makes you their customer, now with that said, they WILL save your job when your lazy ass isnt productive, have a shit Attendance/ and on time record, etc etc etc. Unions are nothing more than Democrate Workers Insurance aka DWI - Unfortunatley for you auto workers a real DWI your Union cant help you with unless you got pulled over on company property, HOWEVER if you are in the Fire or Police Union you would be just fine!!! Unions are full on DEMONCrats, and those who support that ideology are pussies.

Anonymous said...

10:05 is a WINNER!!!!