Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Toxic Kansas City Eco-Devo Scheme Revealed

Quick peek and paywall tease on another note from the newspaper that will NEVER HAPPEN unless the economy gets worse than cancer . . . Checkit:

After years of cleanup, new development idea surfaces at Bannister Federal Complex

The expansive Bannister Federal Complex near Troost Avenue and Bannister Road includes buildings that were used for decades by workers making parts for nuclear weapons. This aerial view looks northwest. The Kansas City Star About four years after the last employees left the contaminated Bannister Federal Complex, long ago the site of Kansas City's contribution to the World War II effort, a new proposal has surfaced to begin its redevelopment.


Anonymous said...

Perfect fit. Leave the walls intact so the thugs can't steal everything. Get a tax break of a few million each year to support 1500 low paying warehouse jobs. At least they are admitting South KC has nothing to offer, even after they gave Cerner millions.

Anonymous said...

Build the new jail there

Anonymous said...

It used to be a car racetrack in the 1920's. A huge track. But the ground is so poisoned that nothing can be built there. Heavy metals and mercury leached 40 down into the soil.