Some of the very best, most interesting and really great local people hang out at metro antique venues and local swap & shops . . . AND even they are feeling the impact of the political tumult on the horizon.



The money line and a quick message sent our way as TKC is looking diligently to find one of those Miller High Life "It's Miller Time" clocks to spruce up the basement . . .

"Yeah, the Trump merch is going faster nowadays. Sold this button for 20 bucks and a few signs and t-shirts are going for way more. A lot of people see a historic value for this stuff and they're not wrong. Kennedy/Johnson original campaign merch sells at top prices for many collectors. KC has always been a good place to find political signage and more pepole are catching on to this fact."

Accordingly, here's our latest impeachment news gathering for Sunday:

CBS News poll: Majority of Americans and Democrats approve of Trump impeachment inquiry

Fox Biz: Republicans rake in $15 million of donations over Trump impeachment threat

Slate: The Week That Everything Changed

UST: Nancy Pelosi has put the Trump impeachment inquiry on a fast track. Here's the plan, timeline and key players

CNN: House Republican says he supports process playing out in impeachment inquiry into Trump

NY Post: Republicans want ‘Grim Reaper’ Mitch McConnell to kill Trump impeachment trial

Root: Rep. Rashida Tlaib Stands By Sale of ‘Impeach The MF’ T-Shirts

Developing . . .


  1. Got 200 for a Dukakis/Bentsen sticker 10 years ago. Sometimes horders win.

    1. Now this is an interesting angle for the dems. Especially that MFer Tshirt. I'm a Trump voter but I'd still buy one of those at a discount just to keep handy.

    2. Was waiting for more people to stumble upon the obvious. McConnell can end this whole thing next week but letting it go on makes for great fundraising opportunities. It's melodrama at it's finest and just for ratings.

  2. Impeach the pope!

    1. ^^^^ Lulz.

      Same difference.

  3. The megaphone belongs to the Progressive Main Stream Media that makes up about 90% of what you hear.

    Intellectual indolence suffuses Progressive polemics and politics. I have come to believe, that this necrosis is an expected byproduct manufactured by those 4th Estate scribes whose repetitions at the behest of their “Thought Leaders” leave them breathless with giddy anticipation in search of another Anti-Trump ejaculation catharsis. Progressive 'journalists' and their fellow scribes, type the ongoing execrable agitprop, as do the ‘writers’ at the New York Times and Washington Post, with one hand in their pants. As with Porn, shallow, parasympathetic pathologies dominate and the patient becomes evermore moribund. Evermore blinkered, myopic and sick. Deeper into the silo.

    The 4th Estate is the pitiless dominion of morons, who, are shocked to find out, that many folks, don’t agree with the Jim Jones Kool-Aide, suppositions rendered as Biblical Facts in the new Progressive religion.

    Progressives and the legions of Salt Of The Earth “Big Thinkers” in the 4th Estate daily, would steal a march on common sense with “Anonymous Sources” hoping to acquire more acolytes in the Progressive Cathedral where we all bend our knees to our “It Takes A Village” superiors inhabiting the “High Ground”. The onslaught of negative "Fake News" is a national confirmation bias that plays to big legacy media and fills the coffers with "Dollars From The Dumb". Facts are irrelevant. Obfuscation, legerdemain, lies and suppression of ANY positive information that relates to Trump is essential.

    More "Hoaxes", more "Collusion", more "Cover-Ups".

    More Bullshit.

    1. Chuck, your lunacy is disturbing

  4. Byron Funkhouser9/29/19, 1:03 PM

    Chuck, Donald Trump committed treason, again.

    A tape of his Oval Office meeting with two Russians shows that, among other crimes, he said he wasn't worried about Russian interference in our elections.

    Impeachment is a constitutional duty, & Moscow Mitch can't just refuse to hold the trail.

  5. ^^^Or get this, it’s not a conspiracy, deep-state coup, or media hoax, it’s the most corrupt administration this country has ever seen. How about that dummy? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  6. Byron has never been right and he won't be again

  7. Byron even Bill Maher thinks the Bidens are corrupt.

    The "Atlantic", which is as far left as PRAVDA, calls what the Biden's did, "Socially acceptable corruption".

    Trump, like it or not, IS the chief law enforcement officer in the United States. As Miller said this morning, it is Donald Trump who is actually the "Whistleblower".

    Byron, you can pretend, in front of everyone who reads this blog, that none of us, Democrat, Republican or, Independent should be interested in a sitting Vice President getting a prosecutor fired, who is looking into illegalities related to a Ukrainian Gas Company, that just hired that same Vice President's son for 50K per month (Hunter Biden, is certainly familiar with Gas Bags and Flatulence, but he don't know fuckin shit about Geology, energy or, has any competence in anything other that suckin on a glass pipe.), but people are not as stupid as you think.

    Trump wants, and I hope, will get, information on the genesis of the premeditated, with criminal intent, effort, by Deep State actors in unison with Ukrainian Government officials, to frame the president with a crime, ex nihilo, out of whole cloth, that NEVAR existed.

    The investigation that sucked the air out of the political conversation and the first two years of Trump's presidency was prima facie TREASON.

    Let's hope, for the good of future Democrat and Republican administrations, that about 3 dozen bureaucrats from the FBI, DOJ, State Department, CIA, NSA, IRS etc. go do hard time for the crimes they committed.

  8. 1:05 and yet I am not even a little concerned with your lack of nuance, education, erudition and stunningly predictable mediocre IQ.

  9. "Even Bill Maher thinks the Bidens are corrupt."

    It's possible they are, but that's no excuse to get a foreign leader involved in US politics and it does not negate the fact that Trump is indisputably corrupt.

  10. In tbe noble words of an expert in human relationships:

    "Why can't we all just get along ?"

    Rodney King

  11. 1:30 you idiot it does when it takes place in a foreign country.

    GD are you people all this fucking dumb...... wait you are since you choose to believe assholes like the democrats and Byron.

  12. You know giving Byron all this attention gives him material to sit at home and jack off for hours on end.

  13. 2:37: Your logic, rationale, and coherence are overwhelming.

  14. Brain dead, brainwashed liberals grasping at another fake news story pushed by the (((msm))) media/ arm of the democratic party.

    Why wouldn't trump be interested in to investigating corruption by us officials???

    Does Biden get immunity because he is running for president...why shouldn't we know about his & his son's dirty dealings???

    Once again liberal position defies logic and common sense and must resort to half truths and distortions and "opinions" from their loser pundits who have yet to be right about anything.

    God how far the democratic party has fallen!

  15. ^^^^Please tell us what Biden or his son (who, by the way is not running for office) have done, oh anti-Semitic one.

  16. All dicksucking queers hate trump and this funkhouser is a known buttfucked queer so what do you expect. As for this deep state spy and all of his criminal democrat pals he should be tried for treason and if necessary executed perhaps that will thwart any criminal traitor democrat in the future. I’m sure everyone out there saw the interview of Warren with the aids infested queer off of the dicksucking tv show let me tell you buttfucking democrats out there your subversive queer pals aren’t going to be enough to drag your worthless hated asses across the finish line and upon that hopefully you fucking dicksucking traitors will disappear forever.

  17. Impeach, Rinse, Repeat9/29/19, 3:54 PM

    ^^^^^ Closet case Trumper.


  18. ....and yet he’s still going to be impeached and resign in disgrace. Weird.

  19. Is the entire Trump base just a bunch of cut and paste Trump bots? I don't understand who keeps copycatting the same discredited lies from these fringe blogs. It's basically the same three people that keeps spamming every Trump thread here. If you idiots really think that blogger is all that anonymous you're foolish.

    Latest poll came out by the way kiddos. Your guy is losing, he's going to jail, and hopefully we can get someone decent in to fix this entire fucking corrupt stain called the Trump.

  20. Alexander Haig's combover9/29/19, 4:09 PM

    ^^^ Weird but that's never going to happen.

    You'll have to remove Trump. He will NEVER give up. Dude does not know the meaning of shame. He's already shown us he'll bring the country to the bring of civil war rather than admit he's wrong.

    He's got the sharpie ready to rock!

    Just wait to see the constitution hang by a thread.

  21. ^ I can guarantee there's already talk of him resigning. Once the Putin phone call tapes come out of the secret vault, it'll be painfully fucking obvious that this is a pay for play situation. He'll have no choice to resign, and it'll take down that halfwit from Indiana that is his vp too.

    Just when you thought there couldn't be two more scummy politicians than Nixon and Spiro Agnew, these jack-offs get elected.

    1. Oh, shrilly Hilly hag @4:13, you and badboy rapey Billy were the scummiest! Both of you are Putin's prime puppets. The resurrected emails you thought got erased are soon to be biting you in your saggy, baggy backside.

  22. "All dicksucking queers hate trump..."

    Do you realize that if ONE dicksucking queer is found who does not hate Trump, that makes you a liar? And we know for sure Peter Thiel supports him, so liar, liar, pants on fire.

  23. "Is the entire Trump base just a bunch of cut and paste Trump bots?"

    No. They're DESPERATE cut and paste Trump bots.

  24. 3:55 Will never happen. Lets bet $$$$$.


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