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One of the best & brightest among our blog community shares a bit of worldly advice and a glimpse a #TBT news story that deserves consideration. Checkit:

This Is One Of The Worst Ideas Ever

Breast cancer awareness, already an often "pinkwashed" and overly-sexualized issue, has taken a seriously creepy turn. A group of three pickup artists generously pledged to donate $20 to breast cancer research for every woman who allowed them to "motorboat" her.


  1. Silvia Stolz9/26/19, 7:48 PM

    "Lest We Forget" that there has never existed a single microbe of evidence of gas chambers in any German Work Camp during the Third Reich. "Lest We Forget" that it's a crime in over twenty countries to investigate or even question this narrative. "Lest We Forget" that Jews have been banished from 109 different countries.

  2. ^^ Lest we forget which will never happen of what an idiot you are Byron.

  3. @ 7:48 You are a MORON There IS evidence and proof of gas chambers and also testimony of gas chambers by people who lived it! I can't believe you are that stupid and cruel to say what you said. Again ignorant parents such as yours breeding more ignorance. It does sound just like PSYCHO BYRON. My GOD you are SICK!

  4. Byron Funkhouser9/27/19, 12:55 AM

    Tony, if you're going to delete my comment, then shouldn't you have also deleted 8:01 & 8:26.

    Their childish trolling is essentially spam; a personal attack that has nothing to do with the post.

  5. ^^ Kind of like you personally attacking everyone on this blog? Typical, typical.


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