This morning we noted a great deal of frustration from her constituents regarding a cautious stance regarding the political fate of the Commander-In-Chief. Now at the end of the day, Rep. Sharice Davids submits to the majority of her loudest supporters and joins the effort to push impeachment against Prez Trump.

Here's the statements and relevant highlights . . .

Rep. Sharice Davids Statement on House Impeachment Inquiry

Representative Sharice Davids issued the following statement on the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump:

The people of Kansas’ Third District elected me to represent our community and our values. We expect our leaders to be thoughtful, to work hard and to make sure they have all the facts before they act. I carry that weight with me in all the decisions I make – whether it’s co-sponsoring a bill, or making a decision as consequential as whether to invoke Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution to pursue impeachment.

I also carry the weight of my sworn oath as a member of Congress to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

After careful deliberation, I am supporting the House of Representatives taking the first step in an impeachment process, beginning an impeachment inquiry.

Here’s why.

On Monday, I called on the Trump Administration to turn over the transcript of the phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian government.

The White House today released an approximation of that call, clearly showing that President Trump abused his power and invited foreign interference into our elections – the very basis of our democracy – for his own political gain. 

And this was all according to the version his Administration was willing to release to the public.

While these developments are alarming enough on their own, it was also confirmed by the President that he was withholding military aid from Ukraine at the time of the call.

I have long said that I trust my House colleagues on the committees of jurisdiction as they conduct oversight and investigate the Trump Administration. But these new allegations need to be investigated separate and apart from any other oversight being conducted by the House of Representatives.

These allegations leave the House with no other option than to begin an impeachment inquiry, which allows us to use the full power of our chamber and all the tools at our disposal to uncover the truth. We must follow the facts, wherever they lead.

I did not arrive at this decision lightly or without full deliberation. I listened closely to the Kansans who reached out to my office. I read and evaluated the White House’s version of the call in question. And I fully expect to read the whistleblower report that the Administration turned over to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees this evening.

Ultimately, this is about the rule of law. Our country has laws to protect whistleblowers and to protect the security of our elections, both of which are fundamental to our democracy. It’s my responsibility as a member of Congress to uphold those laws and to protect the Constitution.

It also remains my responsibility to deliver results for the people of Kansas – focusing on health care, infrastructure, constituent services and the issues that Kansans talk about at the kitchen table each night. I can and will continue my work in these areas while I uphold the oath I took when I was sworn into office.

Let me be clear: Congress being compelled to open an impeachment inquiry is nothing to celebrate. This is a sad moment for our country, but it is the right thing to do.

Accordingly, check out some of our favorite news links we wanted to share on the topic from both a local & national perspective . . .

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You decide . . .


  1. She heard what her supporters had to say and acted accordingly, that's how Democracy works.

    1. ^^^^

      Nope, that's what a grocery store clerk does.

      Real leaders can stand against the crowd.

      This will backfire on her horribly when the effort fails and she's left holding the bag in a district that could easily swing back red.

      I'm a Democrat. This is a dumb move for her and for my party.

  2. You don't have to be a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.
    What an embarrassment!

  3. kansas is sadly a blue state now..

  4. ^^^^ A few counties are blue, the rest of the state is red, there is no doubt about that

    1. Kansas is a blue state.

      "A few counties are blue"

      But those counties represent most of the population.

  5. Who cares about her a one timer. Biden is done. Nice job Nancy, lol.

  6. @8:45 Kobach was supposed to win the governorship.. should've won. Gov Brian Kemp (R-GA) was the same exact candidate and WON with a huge population center much bigger than any kansas suburbs of KCMO or Wichita. Explain that?

  7. David is on the Clinton team which is a political snafu. They failed to take a stand on ICE Detention when they had a chance. Biden is finished and that's another Clintonian down and out. The globalist agenda is out in the open now and that's who the public is looking out. Is Mike Pence ready to take the helm? This is the weakest we've seen the Republicans in 40 years and the Clintons being on the way out will make this the most dynamic campaign season of a lifetime.

  8. Indian chic follow white criminal lead.

  9. Byron Funkhouser9/25/19, 9:24 PM

    Trump committed treason, & everyone knows it.

    The House whistle blower resolution passed 421 - 0!

    He's going down.

    And, yes, I intend to celebrate, just as I celebrated when Nixon was forced to resign by SENATE REPUBLICANS.

    They have chosen party over country many times, but they will chose party over Trump, too.

    It's too late. The blue wave in 2020 will be a tsunami.

  10. She is being smart. And solid. I like her. She is not bending over to Pelosi. That is a lot of pressure too. Give her a chance.

  11. The Democrats have been Trumped for the Fifth Time. If the Democrats keep this up it will return Red in 2020 and then work will,resume in Congress .

  12. she just kept one millionaire from moving back to the KS side, between her and the gov, I'll keep more of what I earn in MO. Thanks for the heads up.

  13. ^^^ amen retro

  14. Only a dicksucking fag like this queer byron thinks that through the power of suggestion he could change the facts much in the same way these traitor criminal democrats can get their mentally ill faces on tv and lie to the American people. It won’t work , the criminal fraud democrats creating fraud poles openly lying about their opponents and all the while the American people laughing at the queers. So don’t worry byron your new group of faggots is going to go down in flames just like worthless thieving hillary who knows with any luck we can make it against the law again to be a commie queer like you

  15. I am no lawyer and like most folks, get my news from an amalgam of TV, Print and Internet. It is interesting to me, to see the dramatic dichotomy of opinion between the politicians on the left and the politicians on the right on whether or not there was actually a "High Crime" or "Misdemeanor".

    On MSNBC you would think Trump had dug up Mother Theresa and raped the dead body on the 50 yard line during Half Time at the Super Bowl, while on Fox he isn't even guilty of removing a mattress tag.

    The difference seems to be, that emotion and condescension are the salient profferings from the left and the right insists that there actually has to be a real crime to prosecute.

    While criminality is in no way necessary for Impeachment, if you can get the votes in the House and the Senate, you can remove him, the president, literally for removing a mattress tag.

    I believe, that average Americans and swing voters see this ridiculous Impeachment initiative for what it is. Political theater that will damage even more, the reputation of Democrats as psychotically addicted to what even Nancy Peolosi has called a "Moby Dick Obsession".

    The swing voters that put Trump in office, will, if the economy stays the same, return him to office in 2020 with a much, much wider majority and the Democrats risk losing the House.

  16. Remember when Byron said;
    Hillary will win hands down and Trump was going down then?

    Then the Mueller Report was going to take Trump down

    Dream on Byron you fucking idiot because that's all you are is an idiot.

    That nearly all House Democrats support some kind of impeachment action represents a significant development in the chamber's push forward with official impeachment proceedings.

    But that doesn't mean they will all vote to impeach the president.

    So you see Byron nothing is settled at all other than you're stupid.

  17. Have faith in her. Sharice can lick any problem.

    1. FINALLY, @10:13 has some fun with this predicament. Always nice to see somebody else with a sense of humor about this ridiculousness.

  18. David's does only as she is instructed to do or say. Taking a ride on the fence irritated her supporters who may have just sealed her demise in the world of politics.

  19. Byron when Nixon wasn't impeached you were just a jr high liar who wasn't liked then anymore than you are now. You were also just as stupid then as you are now. What’s often forgotten about Nixon is that, while he’s the only U.S. president to resign from office, he was never actually impeached. In Nixon’s case, the House Judiciary Committee approved three articles of impeachment in July 1974 and reported them to the full House for consideration. But after the Supreme Court forced him to release incriminating White House tapes, Nixon resigned in August 1974, leaving office before the House could vote on impeachment.

    Your good buddy Clinton was impeached by the same House of Representatives that are trying to throw Trump out, but the Senate ultimately acquitted him.

    So get your facts correct which everyone knows you can't before letting your stoned ass open it's mouth.

  20. Trump still has a 52% approval isn't that weird?

  21. Actually it's like 48% but still good and the Democrats are just going to make him liked even more.

  22. Biden's family corruption in the Ukraine??? Trump just keeps making up new conspiracies.

    I'm shocked his next phone call wasn't to Kenya to extort their leader into looking for Obama's real birth certificate.

  23. ^^^^ You're an idiot. The Biden's shady dealings in the Ukraine are nothing new.
    And...The Kenyan government has a much more officila birth certificate for Odummy than that photoshopped hack job out of Hawaii.

  24. They have wanted to impeach Trump since the day after the election...when they realized they had been lied to and the Commie Lesbian Hillary was never going to be President. This is all about revenge for being played for fools by the Democrat elite. Nothing more than that.


  25. What the F did you idiots think Obama did during the elections in Israel. What Trump did was NOT interference with the elections Biden and his son are money laundering.


  26. Once again, thanks to Tony for giving these people something to keep them away from society.

  27. She's a winner! She runs this shit.

  28. Chuck, I don't disagree with your sentiment. Some people are ok with the mob like behavior of our POTUS, some are not. I fall on the side of you probably shouldn't be using foreign governments to try to dig up dirt on your political adversaries. Maybe run on issues. If you legit think there's an issue, bring in the proper authorities. Before you tell me he turned it over to the AG to investigate....keep in mind Bill Barr just said he was never asked and never investigated. In direct contradiction of POTUS conversations on the memo release. I suspect more details will be forthcoming and they probably aren't going to help POTUS cause.

  29. 7:13 - you got any proof of that? I mean, outside of rando right wing rags and websites?

  30. Chuck, you dumbass, we know you're not a lawyer. You have too much free time to comment on TKC to be a lawyer.

  31. The only practical effect of this nonsense is to galvanize Trump voters--he raised 15 million in one day on this--and force Joe Biden to step aside, most likely for the hilarious fraud Liz Warren. There is well known footage of Joe Biden on camera bragging about doing exactly what it now appears Trump did not do. Pelosi can't keep the woke-cult in line anymore and had to make a move toward impeachment; she knows how unpopular impeachment is among independents and delayed it as long as she could.

    Immense miscalculation on the part of Dems, who are now scrambling to frame straightforward conversations as mafia pressure or something. You'd think that after Lucy yanked the ball away so many times that Charlie Brown would learn.

  32. Sergi Rubicondriac9/26/19, 8:25 AM

    Sharice is just a puppet and responds to string pulling.

  33. ^^and yet she's in Congress, and you're here. Weird.

  34. 7:50, look it up yourself. You need the practice.

  35. Pocahontas takum orange man scalp which hidem giant turd.

  36. 7:13, that was very unkind. Sharice does not have daddy issues. She never even MET her daddy!

  37. Sharice is a Sorros Bought and Paid for Plant Globalist. MAGA 2020 KAG


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