State Of Black Kansas City 2019: Progress And Still More Work To Do

Education was the focus of last night's presentation that offered upbeat signs of hope, achievement along with a realistic look at challenges ahead. Checkit:

Black community closes achievement gap in Kansas City, but still work to do, report says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Since 2006, the Urban League of Greater Kansas City has been looking at closing the exposing the socioeconomic gaps between black and white people in Kansas City. On Thursday, the organization released its latest State of Black Kansas City.


  1. To get ahead here you to lie, cheat, and steal your way to the top.

  2. FACT:

    Gwen Grant and the Urban League (a private race-based special interest group) will ALWAYS claim that they've made progress, but there's more that needs to be done.
    It's their job security.

  3. Let's see the hard data on those achievements. The real zinger: "in school blacks graduated at a higher rate than whites". Whoa, that is a strong statement. Also easily verifiable. Higher rate, i.e. percentage, means blacks are graduating at GREATER than 91% (the MO State average for white graduation). That is beyond impressive. I would like to see how they arrived at that number. We hear of drop-out rates in the black community of 50%, are those somehow being shifted to other areas.

  4. Until every negro has an Escalade and a full bag of dope, progress will be needed.


  5. Lower black income is because a majority of them won't get out from under LBJ's trap aka the war on poverty which allowed them to live off of the Gov.
    I've seen this in Hyde Park where the young girls graduate high school and immediately get pregnant by someone they barley know only to get money. I've seen the clothes they wear and the cars they drive at the young age of 17 don't tell me they aren't getting an easy living off of their bastard kids.

  6. 9:09 did retard Gwen get those numbers that represent kcps only?

    Here’s the stats, Demographics: 57% Black; 28% Hispanic; 9% White; 6% Other

    Hell Gwen, only ten percent of the kolored kids have to graduate to be ahead of whitey, notice she didn’t mention the 28% hispanic’s!

    So is it easy to assume that less than half of the koloreds graduate then!!!

  7. ^^Ugh huh. Look! Matlock's on!!!!!

  8. This is not rocket science Education is important. It's what you do with it Schools teach you how to work for someone else. Not to work for yourself .Start Classes for students that in the future want to start there own Business. There are many sharp Black Business People .And not drug.Business.


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