Friday, September 13, 2019

Show-Me Tough Questions For Missouri AG Amid Release Of Catholic Sex Crime Report

SNAP is an independent, peer network of survivors of institutional sexual abuse and their supporters and this morning they've sent some tough questions to journalists across the state.

Here's why . . .

KMOV: Missouri AG to release report on church sex crimes

And so, here's a preview of the conversation that will happen today as a local Catholic scandal continues . . .

SNAP: Suggested questions for Eric Schmitt

--You can’t be sure that Catholic officials gave you all the appropriate files, can you?

--SNAP says that two Missouri attorneys have thousands of pages of files about clergy sex crimes and cover ups but you didn’t sit down with them nor ask to see these long-hidden church documents. Is that true and if so, why didn’t you?

--Veteran Kansas City clergy abuse attorney Rebecca Randles says your office finally called her a week ago, said you wanted to interview her clients, but now – just days later – the investigation is over. Is this true and if so, how do you explain this?

--Which bishops did you question in person and how long did you spend with each?

--A third of all priests belong to religious orders (Marianists, Jesuits, etc). Some say cover ups are even more extensive in these orders. Did you look at them and if not, why not?

--How about national experts on the clergy abuse crisis? Tell us who you met with from across the US who has experience dealing with Catholic church officials and cover ups?

--Did you look at partnering with the feds or local prosecutors, who may lack the resources or expertise to take on a complex and powerful institutions like Catholic dioceses?

--Your predecessor said that the governor or the legislature could give you more power to investigate properly. Did you pursue this and if not, why not?

--There’s really no way – looking at files – to tell whether policies on paper are being implemented, is there?

--Over the course of 13 months, you say you’ve gotten emails from 70 alleged victims. How many of them did your staff meet in person?

--In a few months, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation says they’ve heard from 119 victims. Why the discrepancy?

--Over a year ago, AG staffers had a brief phone call with a new SNAP staffer and board member neither of whom knew anything about Missouri. They met with one ex-SNAP staffer and volunteer board member. They ignored two emails and a registered mail letter from SNAP's Missouri director who headed the group for 30+ years.

--SNAP says your office held no public hearings, set up no hotline, announced no deadlines, and as best (they) can tell, consulted no experts, including several former church insiders-turned-whistleblowers. Neither did they ask to come to a single SNAP meeting or for names of other experts, outside Missouri, who could have been helpful. Prosecutors in St. Louis and Kansas City have investigated and pursued cases against predator priests but, as best we can tell, they weren't consulted either.

--SNAP says that over a year ago, an AG staffer had a brief phone call with a new SNAP staffer and board member, both from elsewhere, neither of whom knew anything about Missouri. Your staffer met with one ex-SNAP staffer and volunteer board member in Missouri. But he ignored two emails and a registered mail letter from Missouri SNAP director David Clohessy who headed the group for 30+ years. Is that true and if so, why – over 13 months – did you not meet with Clohessy?

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

S.N.A.P. needs:
1) money
2) attention
3) money
4) money

Anonymous said...

AG did not meet with Clohessy, likely because he lost all credibility years ago when SNAP was revealed to be a corrupt organization under his watch, the money/collusion trail between him and Randles and the Star is well documented, and he himself covered up for an abusive priest when it was in his interest to do so.

Anonymous said...

SNAP and Randles are only perpetuating this to make money, plain and simple. Almost every person they parade before the media is a obviously gay and their information can not be trusted. Gays are openly trying to discredit all religious organizations and the biggest one is the catholic church. I'm not saying they are all liars, but if you run with a pack of liars, you just might be a liar. The fast rise in print media and TV media for the LGBTQ community seems manufactured at lthe least. And then there is the KC STAR and Judy Thomas....investigate where she gets her information and is she getting private money to write the stories she writes? That gives me the feeling that these groups all lack credibility.

Anonymous said...

what are statistics on secular school, their priests are dudes in friday casual.

Anonymous said...

SNAP gets fees from every case they refer out to a local law firm.

What a surprise.

Truth giver said...

Received and appreciate a great education in the Catholic school system. Certainly not denying these abuses happened, but I never saw nor suspected any sexual abusive activity during those years. The priests, brothers and nuns were superior instructors. I look at many of these accusations with a skeptical eye, and as above noted, follow the money.

Anonymous said...

I went to catholic school and nobody molested me because I was fat and ugly.

Come to think of it, I am still fat and ugly.

Anonymous said...

I was fat and ugly and was molested by my junior high coaches at a Raytown middle school in the 70s. I too am still fat and ugly and wish my wife would molest me.

Anonymous said...

Many small children will sob this week as priests thrusts their erect penises up the children's rectums, only to hear the priests gasp in joy and orgasm. But Catholics don't care. if they did they would leave the church and not give another penny. Plenty of other religions believe in Christ. You will be held accountable someday for sticking with the catholic church. And your judgement will be a lot worse than a priest raping you....

Anonymous said...

1:03 is one very lost soul. Wo be those who lead the sheep astray.