Sunday, September 01, 2019

Show-Me Sentator Josh Hawley Crusade Against Tech Gaining Momentum?!?!

Most agree that the noob Sen. from Missouri isn't much of a match for big tech but his fist shaking has started to resonate as politicos and lawmakers start to look at INTERNETS DESIGN and now it facilitates addiction. Here's one of the kindest and interesting articles we wanted to share on the topic . . . Checkit:

Josh Hawley Is Right About Social Media Addiction. | Human Events

The SMART Act is a good start. At a Hoover Institution event in May, " Big Tech and the Future of the Free & Open Internet," the newly-sworn in Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, was scheduled as a keynote speaker. Attendees expected him to talk about conservative bias in social media moderation, and to propose specific fixes for that problem.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was vaccinations that caused ADHD, but lo, Hawley the Magnificent tells us it's the Internet!

Can he finally get a permanent job in his hometown of Washington DC by coming up with this excuse to remove any blame from people who have kids they aren't interested enough in to teach basic social coping mechanisms to?

If not, maybe Lil' Joshie can discover yet another cause for ADHD, AIDS and Halitosis, perhaps underwear being too tight - wait, no, that's the cause of "Hawleyism",a/k/a "Empty Suit Syndrome" isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I don't think much of Hawley nor his conservative zeal to ban everything. There are ways to change addictive behavior without another couple hundred pages in the Federal Register. The problem here is that addictive technologies are changing far faster than any regulatory scheme might ever hope to follow. BJ Fogg at Stanford thinks up new techniques fast enough that he holds a monthly meeting of tech entrepreneurs to share his latest findings.

The correct response to all of this is self control.

Anonymous said...

Foggs a Mormon so of course he wants to control people.