Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Show-Me Lesson In Career Deception

More deets in the desperate attempt to convince young people to make bad decisions which benefit society . . . Read more:

Missouri Colleges Are Trying To Convince Future Students That Teaching Is A Good Job

There's a serious teacher shortage in Kansas City and across the country, as fewer people pursue a career that often involves low pay, high stress and lack of community support. Missouri's teaching colleges are battling that trend, trying new strategies to attract students pursuing education degrees and to answer a vital need for quality instructors in every classroom.


Anonymous said...

Missouri state isn’t a real teaching college, they only have 237 students wanting to become teachers? Why didn’t the communist kcur go to the number one teaching college in the Midwest, Northwest Missouri State? They have thousands of kids wanting to become teachers there, Missouri state is a worthless college desperate for attention with a worthless whore trying to keep her $300,000 a year salary.

Anonymous said...

My husband has a degree in economics and was a sub for a short time, he said teaching was the most degrading job he had ever done, even worse than working at GM on the line. Most teachers I know can't even speak properly. Think twice, it's a lowlife dead end job.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at the colleges promoting, "retiring early at 52 and working another job." After 30 years in the classroom, you are absolutely fried. I'm in year 24 and just hope to make it to 30.

Dealing with kids and parents for 30 years is like working any other job for 50!