Show-Me Kansas City Chiefs Tax Case

This town's favorite team is fighting an EPIC tax bill that's probably more challenging than most of their early season games. Here's the best write-up so far . . .

Chiefs case on back taxes being heard in Missouri Supreme Court Wednesday

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to court Wednesday. The organization is being challenged by the State of Missouri and will have to appear in the state Supreme Court. The issue at hand boils down to whether or not the Chiefs should have to pay taxes on $23 million in purchases made to upgrade Arrowhead Stadium from 2008 to 2010.


  1. Time to put Arrowhead up as a foreclosure sale.

  2. The chiefs bent the city and county over a rail back in 2006 so they're probably right on this Jackson county gave them everything. From what I understand they get to keep all the profits from parking BUT the county pays for everyone working in the parking lot on game days. I'm glad the chiefs are here and think they're worth the cost but they fucked us raw

  3. You have to pay to play.

  4. Wonder how much money the city would save a year if neither one of these professional ball teams were here? I bet if an audit was done and a true cost found it would be rather shocking what the taxpayers have to put out for others to get rich from.


  5. Lets talk about the money laundering the city is doing with tax payers money. Did you know the Go Bond money is now going to pay for bike lanes all the way down Paseo? How about those new sidewalks you were promised??????? Suckers.

    Now to the chiefs. YES they should have to pay their taxes on improvements just like anyone else.

  6. it's the cost of one player.


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