Thursday, September 12, 2019

Show-Me Gun Violence Crackdown Coming Soon In Missouri?!?!

Politicos working on piece of paper that will solve all of your problems. Read more:

Missouri gun violence proposal in the works amid bloodshed

The speaker of the Missouri House said he hopes to have a proposal aimed at combatting gun violence ready to debate next year, but critics say action needs to be taken sooner as the death toll mounts in the state's largest cities.


chuck said...

Government officials, are closer than ever, to enacting "Red Flag" laws, which will determine, by some kind of..., maybe Santeria type, behead-the-chicken sacrifice it you, white boy, should have your guns taken away, even though you have not committed a crime.

The efforts of Progressives to disarm the populace in anticipation of the demographic change that will determine, once and for all, the ascendance of the Marxist Uni-Party should scare the hell out of anyone who still thinks that the Constitution actually matters.

Get ready to be, "Hong Kong Helpless".

Anonymous said...

Yeah these laws will effect the hand gun owners in the inner cities, how ?