Friday, September 13, 2019


The legacy of Catholic Church shame continues as state authorities now target clerics for alleged sex assault.

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Missouri attorney general refers 12 cases of Catholic clergy sex abuse for prosecution

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt on Friday released a 185-page report detailing his review of 2,000 priests' personnel files, dating from 1945 to the present day.


Anonymous said...

Twelve sounds about right? What about Boy Scout leaders?

Anonymous said...

And all the schools and other religions and especially the mooselimbs

Anonymous said...

And now the same guy that we hear from every day posts the same old same old twice above.

Anonymous said...

Seems fair. We hear about the same dozen or so dead priests ad nauseam as if it was something new. In case you missed it, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl!!! Granted it was in 1970 which is when most of this predatory gay priest shit was happening. By contrast, the school shit is gay and straight and is rampant. There were half a dozen reported in the NKC district alone in only a few months and the Star refused to touch it.

Teachers unions and sovereign immunity can protect a lot of bad people.