Show-Me Cost Of Used Car Special Session

Missouri taxpayers will cough up a sizable chunk of change for a meetup that didn't accomplish much but a lot of talk about violence and legislative actions that should have been accomplished on a more stringent schedule . . . And so, we share a glimpse at GOP super-majority claims of efficiency and good government fact checked whilst the low-rent Democratic Party didn't do much but complain about racism without offering any solutions . . . Again:

Special Missouri legislative session cost roughly $71K

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A special Missouri legislative session on vehicle tax breaks cost roughly $70,000 to hold. State House and Senate cost estimates put the price tag of the short September session at a little more than $71,000. Republican Gov. Mike Parson called the special session to overlap with lawmakers' annual meeting to review vetoed bills.


  1. $71,000 to grant special tax treatment to TWO PEOPLE, a married couple who just happen to be big donors to Parsons and the Missouri GOP!

    Thank goodness Missouri doesn't have any other problems that are of concern to the Republican Party.

  2. The government has the ability to waste lots of money in a short amount of time...we should congratulate them on their efficiency.


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