Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Show-Me Cont'd MO Abortion Crackdown

Quick glimpse at this medical drama, culture war issue and misguided support for one of the most barbaric "procedures" humanity has ever endured. Take a look:

New Abortion Restrictions Take Effect In Missouri, Minus 8-Week Ban

A federal judge has put a hold on Missouri's eight-week abortion ban, but has left other provisions of the controversial law intact. The parts of the law that prohibit abortions because of race, sex or Down syndrome diagnosis and updated requirements to pre-abortion counseling went into effect last week.


Anonymous said...

Great, more noise pollution to have to hear from screaming little shit asses in Missouri stores in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for ending the NEED for abortions. Provide birth control for BOTH sexes and instruct them how to use it and why. The anti-crowd would have us believe that women just casually decide, "Hey, I've got a baby I want to get rid of. So I'll pop down to the clinic and get an abortion." Nope, most decisions are made because of a failed relationship (the father makes a habit of beating the mother), or lack of money to raise a child. That's why PREVENTION is so important. This is the only way to cut the number of abortions.