Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Show-Me Clay County Confessional From Missouri Auditor Galloway

The leading Democratic Party political lady with gubernatorial aspirations shares a heart to heart with Northland residents about the limits of her power and the opposition of elected officials.

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'Frustrated' with Clay County Commission, state auditor posts open letter to residents

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - A letter from Missouri's top auditor, written directly to the citizens of Clay County, backs many of the concerns FOX4 uncovered through almost two years of investigations. Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway, who's running as a Democrat in the 2020 Missouri Gubernatorial race, posted the open letter Monday on her website, writing, "this open letter is the first of its kind."


Anonymous said...

Galloway is unbelievably naïve about the corruption that goes on in local government. Corrupt Nixon appointed her and she is already tainted by her co-operation with the Clay County crooked developer coffee maker audit scam. She bent over backwards to accomodate Nolte, Witless and the gang of arsonists and thieves. She should investigate Missouri Water and Safety agencies for ignoring the duck boat problem that killed people in other states, including neighbor Arkansas which borders Table Rock Lake. The Star will protect her just as the Star protected Sly for eight years; and the Star protected Mikey Sanders until indictments were filed.

Anonymous said...

^^Well that's your opinion moron, and nobody asked for it so....

Anonymous said...

An Excellent and Truthful TKC Post from February 2019

I fully support this audit.
However, I am disturbed by the motivations of those driving the audit and Galloway's behavior. Most auditors quietly go about their work and in the end release an audit report. This auditor, Galloway, started off by grandstanding in press releases and interviews. She has made disparaging comments about the County, some commissioners, and staff. She has joined in with a group led by Jason Withington and Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte. Jason Withington is not held in high esteem by anyone except himself. He has no credibility in the community and has his own political ambitions. Nolte is using the audit in retribution against the other commissioners that he doesn't get a long with. The whole audit effort was deeply political at the start. It isn't about a group of citizens desiring a well run county. It is an effort to drive two people out of office and make Nolte and Withington prosper politically. Although the results of an audit may result in findings that reflect poorly on people, including office holders, and even criminal charges, this should not be the motivation. Galloway should have recognized this and insulated her office from it. Instead, she has behaved very unprofessionally and she now has no credibility.
Now we have Senator Arthur introducing legislation making it possible to remove the two targeted commissioners. Senator, you are pandering to Withington and Nolte.
To date, I don't see anyone wanting to do an audit. This is about Nolte, Withington, Galloway, and Arthur wanting to get two commissioners thrown out of office.
I think Galloway should step back and hire a third party audit firm to complete a professional audit.

Anonymous said...

As a Clay County resident, I'm thoroughly disgusted with the two commissioners who support the unnecessary 20 mission plus boondoggle of buying land, not needed, for a new annex. Similar, on a somewhat smaller scale, to Kansas City's multiple scams.

However, I can't be but a little suspicious as I look at her "first of a kind" open letter. Timing seems to coincide with her initiating a campaign for Governor. Maybe I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

edit 20 million

Anonymous said...

You're wrong