Saving Kansas City Art Deco History

The reality is the locals love tearing down most of the unique buildings in populated parts of town, here's a glimpse at this Kansas City artsy effort to save a unique structure. Read more:

Art Deco Building In Kansas City's Historic Northeast Competes For $2 Million

A business and arts incubator in an a rt deco building in Kansas City is in the running for $2 million in grants through a Partners in Preservation: Main Streets campaign. The EGG (Economic Growth Gallery) building at 2659 Independence Avenue provides a pop-up space for entrepreneurs, as well as a third Friday gallery for local artists.


  1. Used to be a florist shop.

  2. I know the building well. 2 million would go a long way there. Perhaps gold plated... everything.

  3. Bulldoze it. That's not the image the speculators are trying to sell.

  4. Doesn't look Overland Parkish or Leawoodish.


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