Friday, September 20, 2019

Santa Trains For Tragedy In Kansas City

Kansas City sign of the times as the holidays approach . . .

33 Mr. and Mrs. Clauses are participating in the training, which covers grief, autism and post-traumatic stress disorder in children and military veterans.

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Santas nationwide meet in to KC for special training

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The holidays are still a few months away, but the time has arrived for Santas to get ready. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Clauses from all over the nation are getting ready right here in the Kansas City area.


Anonymous said...


While I was promised plenty of ho, ho, ho's, the room appeared to be holding a geriatric counseling session!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Trump’s America

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Santa, why does the government lock kids in jails?

Santa, why does the president sell off the parks?

Santa, why do the republicans want to keep us sick?

Santa, why does the president lie and sell out our country for his own personal gain?

Santa, why do the republicans want kids to be shot in schools?