Report Fed Charges: Fort Riley Soldier Targeted ANTIFA And Small Home

Followup on this alleged conspirator who was discovered making dark web threats according to authorities. Take a look:

Fort Riley soldier in bomb plot wanted to set fire to home, documents say

TOPEKA, Kan. - A federal grand jury in Kansas has indicted an Army soldier on charges that he distributed explosives information and threatened to set fire to a home. The indictment charged Jarrett William Smith with two counts related to the explosives and one count linked to trying to gain entry to a home and injure someone listed only as D.H.


  1. That long haired looking freak is a soldier?

  2. Yet another MAGA bomber activated by the president. Lock them up.

  3. ^^Was Obama who let the freaks into our armed forces.

  4. looks like a previous bomb blew half his upper lip off.

  5. So 5:21, those against Antifa, gun control, Beto, and the fake news are freaks???

    Turn in your MAGA hat.

  6. To quote Chris Rock;
    I’m not saying he should have done it, but I understand


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