Sunday, September 15, 2019


Local sports and transportation hype continue well into the future . . . Take a peek:

As with other business-related enterprises in Kansas City, location in the middle of the country is an advantage. It’s arguably the most central location for both U.S. coasts, in addition to being between Canada and Mexico.

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World Cup Economic Impact On KC Would 'Dwarf' Super Bowl

By Ian Ritter If some of the men's 2026 FIFA World Cup games are played in Kansas City, the economic impact on the local area would likely double that of a Super Bowl, speakers said Tuesday during a panel discussion at Children's Mercy Park. Kansas City is competing with 17 other U.S.


Anonymous said...

If we get a couple games they will be at the beginning of the tournament with teams nobody has ever heard of, they will not bring big name teams with big name players here, the big games will be reserved for New York, Los Angeles and probably Seattle. People forget that the World Cup is split between the US, Canada and Mexico so the 64 games will be split between three nations and more than likely the 22 games the US get will be played in 5 cities or less to lessen travel time. Not a hater but we are fly over country that’s infested with murderous hoodrats.

Anonymous said...

Man the hype is gonna win it don't ya see don't ya see

Gimme gimme gimme

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would they do it in the 5th worst at everything city in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Ah yah good ol' FIFA

8 Corruption
8.1 Guilty pleas
8.2 Indictments and arrests
8.3 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids
8.4 2011 FIFA presidential election
8.5 Response to allegations
8.6 2018 revision of code of ethics

Anonymous said...

^^^ Corruption? Heck KCMO is the perfect place for them to operate. Why not just put the world headquarters here?

Hyperblogal said...

Visit KC estimates a 160 Billion Dollar local impact.

Anonymous said...

Visit KC, another huge ass joke in this town!

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Anonymous said...


Richard Simmons said...

Soccer is GAY AS FUCK!

Anonymous said...

24 million people will be there. Don't believe it? Just ask visit kc.

Anonymous said...

I would be pretty big. Haters gonna hate. Only problem is we won't be getting it. FIFA has already toured the cities it's going to be in and they didn't come here