Outgoing KCMO City Manager Troy Schulte Money Line: 'Downtown's Not Done...'

Not to give away the obvious but he's hinting at MORE TAXES on the way:

“Downtown’s not done. The neighborhoods aren’t done. Infrastructure is not done. We've got to continue to be creative and leveraging ways to find investment.”

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Outgoing City Manager Schulte: KC must keep moving forward - Kansas City Business Journal

Days after City Manager Troy Schulte announced that he will retire when his contract expires next year, the longtime Kansas City government figure had a message for those now taking the reins: Keep moving forward. Schulte spoke Wednesday at the Downtown Office Summit hosted by the Downtown Council of Kansas City.


  1. Byron Funkhouser9/29/19, 6:08 PM

    "Neighborhoods are not done ..."

    That's funny. When did you start?

    You've misappropriated so much that no one wants to give you any more.

    "Infrastructure's not done ..."

    Never mind ...

  2. We've got to continue to be creative and leveraging ways to rip off the taxpayers.

  3. This clown oversaw the following:
    Linwood Grocery
    Multiple 18th and Vine expenditures
    Jazz Museum spending
    Convention Hotel
    Wasted $10's of Millions of dollars per year while basic services of Police, Roads, Snow removal, etc were neglected.
    Troy- you and Sly have done a true disservice to this city.

  4. Watching this fat fuck chew on a pen is KC at its best.

  5. In a way he's right.
    Downtown isn't quite done.
    All the bright shiny toys that make up the downtown amusement park need to be maintained and improved and they're not generating anywhere near enough revenue for that to be done by the private sector, so, as usual for KCMO, either the taxpayers make up the difference, or "projects" that were all the rage just a few years ago will deteriorate year after year.
    And mostly what's not done about downtown is PAYING FOR IT.
    The debt will run for decades, sucking money out of the general fund and making it difficult if not impossible for the city to address current and future real needs.
    Troy will be watching from his well-funded retirement.

  6. ^^^^True Dat....

  7. What business owner in his right mind is inclined to open his doors here, or keep them open?

  8. The rug on top of Schulte's melon does not appear to fit properly and is made of a goat's butt-hair.

    During this joker's tenure; crime is out of control; panhandlers on every street corner intimidating taxpayers going to work, roads full of potholes, broken water and sewer lines every week etc. KC is in horrible condition these days. Whoever is in charge of city street maintenance should be fired.

  9. 6:20 comment FOR THE WIN!

    Farmer Troy is leaving before everyone understands that the $800 million G.O. Bond Package was used just to keep KCMO afloat until Sylvester and he were out of office.

  10. These ousted dweebs sure like to run their mouth on the way out the door. If we still wanted or were invested in his opinion, he would still be City Manager. Now... leave quietly.

  11. ^^^ How about "JUST LEAVE" He sucked a TON of IAFF cock, let him go he has a sore throat. NEXT!


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