Olathe Schools Approve JUUL Lawsuit

Today's lesson in class-action pushback against corporate America. Checkit:

Olathe Public Schools sues e-cigarette maker Juul over youth marketing

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) -- Olathe Public Schools is suing e-cigarette company Jull due to misleading advertisements targeted toward middle and high school students. The Board of Education passed a resolution Friday at a special board meeting authorizing legal counsel to initiate litigation and file suit. E-cigarette use among U.S.


  1. tax dollars hard at works. Work on getting our kids better test scores on state test. NO we would rather spend our time telling kids what to do when to do and just say no to drugs because the schools have had so much success with that in the past. WTF are they doing with our tax dollars.

  2. WTF? School districts suing legal companys because parents cannot control their children from using the companies products. Are they suing the liquor companies, tobacco companies, inter net porn sites ? This us not the business of a school district. Give tbe teachers a raise and teach the children. Whats next suing sling shot companies?

  3. ^^Nope, they will sue Coca Cola for making fat kids.

  4. More SJW shit.. Kids still illiterate.


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