Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Northeast Kansas City, MO State Rep Calls Out Guv Parson On Car Tax Special Session

Roundup from a local progressive politico push back on the long drive home after intense debate .. . .

State Rep. Burnett: Governor called $60,000 special session to give sales tax break to one Missouri couple

Money line:

Current law allows the value of only one vehicle to be credited toward sales tax owed on the purchase of a vehicle, and Gov. Mike Parson’s administration defended the law all the way to the Missouri Supreme Court, which ruled in the administration’s favor and said the law is unambiguous that credit can be given for just one vehicle.

Despite winning the case, (Guv) Parson, a Republican, inexplicably called a special legislative session for the sole purpose of asking the General Assembly to overturn his administration’s legal victory.

Since special sessions typically are reserved for issues that demand immediate action and can’t wait until the next regular legislative session in January, Parson has been widely criticized for calling a special session on this topic instead of something more pressing such as gun violence.

Read her full statement at the Turner Report.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Great governor! I like him. Hope he wins again.

Anonymous said...

Not too bright for a politician - if there's any truth at all in this article, he just blindfolded himself after handing Galloway a baseball bat.