Saturday, September 28, 2019

No Big Secret: USDA Workers Would Rather Quit Than Move To Kansas City

Here's yet another confirmation that local visitor numbers have always been dramatically overblown, a bad joke, mostly a subject of meme mockery and not consistent with a very real case study wherein highly skilled people didn't want to move to this town . . . Take a look:

USDA nixes release of multiple reports over researcher exodus

Internal memos show the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will be unable to release a number of its regular reports as nearly 80 percent of employees at one of its research branches have left the agency as it relocates to Kansas City, Mo.


Anonymous said...

what’s really going on here? this story doesn’t add up.

Super Dave said...

Let them quit thousands of workers every week face the same dilemma due to transfers or companies moving. Sounds like they are a bunch of democratic pussies anyway and not sure Kansas City really wants them around. I'm sure lot of local folks would like to try for their cushy jobs.

Anonymous said...

id quit if I had to move to the east coast. Fuck this short talking corrupted assholes. USDA is full of tax leaches anyways.

Anonymous said...

And yet everything in the country will go on just fine without them.

Anonymous said...

There is not shortage of local idiots to fill those positions here.

Anonymous said...

Coming from DC? No thank you. I'm more than happy they don't want to move here, we already have a problem with liberal California idiots moving here and they need to go!

Anonymous said...

@4:17 nailed this out of the gate.

This whole kerfuffle is about elimination of testing and environmental controls on Big Agriculture and Big Pharma.
These "workers" are highly educated and qualified Researchers and can easily transition to other work in the DC area, and the "move" of these two branches of the Department is nothing more than the elimination of the ability to perform tests on the safety and impact of the products used by farmers.

Just another undercover GOP removal of "those pesky regulations" that protect the food you eat and the environment you live in, and whose removal will just incidentally serve to increase the profits of the Corporations that produce these now untested substances.

Anonymous said...

You mean to say that they don't want to move their families from the DC area to KC?
Has anyone told them about THE streetcar?
How about the 25 million tourists every year?
Or the hopping jazz district at 18th and Vine?
And how about those new murals in the Crossroads?
Or our very own $350 million bicycle plan?
DC just doesn't have much going for it when contrasted to big big KCMO!

Reality Speaker said...

Let me help you 7:22. By "regulators", you mean those "pesky un-elected liberal democrat bureaucrats who make important politically biased decisions without having to answer to anyone except their equally liberal "woke" bosses.

There ya go, fixed.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Maybe, they read this blog, & thought, "Hell no. I'm not moving there."

Anonymous said...

Well, the problem with what you say @7:58 is that those "pesky unelected liberal democrat bureaucrats", or as you Tinfoil Hatters like to call them, "The Deep State", are just working folks doing their jobs the way they were told to do them, and as far as "their equally liberal 'woke' bosses", there aren't any!

The biggest failure of the Trump Administration is that he isn't interested in and doesn't know anything about Government! He appoints suck-ups to "run" these Departments, but doesn't do anything at all about giving them the power to fill the three or four vacant Managerial levels down (he doesn't trust his own people), so there is no guidance for the lower level folks and they just keep going the way they always have.

See, Lil' Donnie has never had to associate with working people, and he has no interest or understanding of how to use them. They're just part of the furniture, which is probably the root cause of all his Bankruptcies. He confuses the Organization (the US Government) with himself, and sees himself as "running" things, when he's really just an obstacle to be worked around in getting things done.

So far his "underlings" have done an "OK" job of managing him, but as he drifts further and further away from reality, their control is slipping more and more.

If the GOP wants to hang onto a Senate Majority in 2020, they'd better get him wrapped up in a soft blanket and back to his pleasant little delusions pretty damn quickly.

Thanks for trying.

Anonymous said...

When I see the words "deep state" from the tragically uninformed people on this blog, I am amused that you think of some low level government employee who handles farm data in the USDA as part of the "deep state." Unfortunately, the Gobbels of our time, AM conservative talk radio, have been wildly successful at mass brainwashing people.

Dude, in your desperate attempt to be so informed, you have gone the other direction. You're being used as a pawn. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

I would quit too, why would anyone want to move their family to a corrupt city in the midwest which has some of the highest murder rates, and unsolved homicide cases on the planet! They might be making mad money where they are at now , and they did the math before coming here, and it didnt add up. Smart people dont relocate to Kansas City! PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Yes Byron seeing your hate and name calling all the time would make me think more than twice about moving here.

Anonymous said...

All the people on the East Coast think you have to buy a farm and a herd of animals, including a dairy cow if you want milk, if you want to live and work here.