Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Newspaper Knows How To Fix Jackson County Property Tax Hot Mess?!?!

Credit where it's due, this isn't a horrible op/ed and there are a few worthwhile facts and ideas behind the paywall . . . Sadly, compromise remains unlikely, and these screed is only to arm the chattering class with comforting thoughts.

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Jackson County made a mess of assessments. Is there a property tax fix for next year?

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City and Westside neighborhood groups asked Jackson County to extend the property tax assessment appeals deadline to Sept. 1. The 2019 reassessment cycle has been a debacle in Jackson County, one that demands the full attention of state legislators and voters.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting Frank and his neanderthal brained staff and crew to take this seriously.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Black and Hispanic residents being fucked over either. It is also the middle class and working class being fucked over also.

Actually Jackson County should get a new slogan.

Fucking People Over Daily would be excellent.

Anonymous said...

Time to scrap the Jackson County "experiment" that has put too much power in one person's hands. Eliminate the county executive position. The Assessor and Collector need to be elected officials. Right now they are political appointees who can suck at their jobs, but keep their jobs just as long as they suck up to the county executive. They need to be directly accountable to the voters instead.

Anonymous said...

Take the Star's editorial seriously. They are experts at finding ways to avoid paying property taxes.

But they left out one bullet point: "Homeowners and businesses should apply for a property tax exemption by claiming but for their property, the entire area would be blighted. Hey, it worked for us!"