Sunday, September 22, 2019

Newspaper Advocates For Local Teen Felons

A naive consideration of hard time confronting youngsters in trouble . . . Still the info is useful inasmuch as EVERYONE should know that local prosecutor's have a lot of leeway when handing down tough charges and thug-life at every age can lead to harsh time. Example: Most adults know that even riding in the same car with somebody who commits a murder in a drive-by can earn a hefty accomplice charge for somebody who didn't even pull the trigger . . . Accordingly, at the very least this newspaper note offers a similar legal reminder even if the "advocate" perspective is flawed. Checkit:

KC-area teens didn't pull the trigger but are charged with murder. Is that justice?

Johnson County District Attorney Stephen M. Howe discusses the felony murder rule and how his office uses it. The law gives prosecutors the power to charge people with murder who have committed felonies but never actually killed. Jordan Denny called off a deal to sell $8 of Xanax before the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Rowan Padgett, court records say.


Anonymous said...

I haven't read the Star in ten years. This column hasn't changed that.

Anonymous said...

If the law is indeed changed, what about all of the people sitting in prison now. Should they be released also retroactively speaking. How convicted felons will be released and put back on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Loved it when Eric Bunch mentioned that his District "even includes a tiny slice north of the River" -

Well, just as the Fourth had with Jolie Justice, its apparent that the part of the Northland that was (illegally) gerrymandered "south of the River" can look forward to absolutely no representation from "our" Councilperson!

Of course, like everything Northeast News does, this was an extremely softball interview.
Ask some tough questions, why don't you Elizabeth?

Anonymous said...

the law is clear. If your part of a violent crime (even a get away driver) - your as guilty as the gun shooter. Same charge or murder. Always will be, and always should stay that way.