TV newsies would much rather have viewers indoors . . . Here's the forcast proving as much:

Severe weather impacts travel, weekend plans in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Severe weather is rolling into the Kansas City area and already is having an impact on travel and weekend plans. The Liberty Fall Festival announced that it would close for the remainder of the evening around 6:30 p.m. due to the weather.


  1. It's raining. Guess I will get high and spend the day jacking off to monkey porn.

    Wait. I do that everyday, rain or shine.

  2. "Mostly North of Kansas City"

    Well they didn't get that right did they.

  3. I like how the culturally appropriate and big titted seemingly brainless meteorologists have total control of the local economy. When they give their doom and gloom warnings, for some reason, people still pay attention to that utter bullshit!
    This results in local weddings, events, games, happenings, picnics, outings, any and everything outdoors being CANCELLED - multi-thousands in lost revenue. One exception to this rule is grocery stores - folks in peril HAVE TO EAT, don't they? So stock up!

    WEATHER FORECAST: "Fucking Armageddon coming, with torrential rain that will produce personal brain-damage, a 500 year flood, damaging winds, basketball sized hail, pitchforks and nigger babies - you'll probably get struck by lightning INside your house and then you'll float away in a flash flood as your house burns with the screams of your dying children being the last thing you ever hear."

    REALITY: We get a 1mph windstorm and sprinkles for a minute

    When they do this, we somehow forget that they did this last week, and the week before, and they've been consistently wrong most every time.

    We have to stop listening to these fake six-figure assholes


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