The plan is already working . . . Competition at the new airport is chasing away options and, in turn, will increase prices. Here's the best report that actually features a bit of back and forth on the topic:

Icelandair ends nonstop flights from Kansas City to Iceland after just two seasons

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After just two summer seasons, Icelandair has announced it will end its nonstop flights from Kansas City to Reykjavík. The airline announced Monday that seasonal flights out of Kansas City International Airport ended on Sept. 15, and they won't resume next summer.


  1. Who cares? Iceland sucks.

  2. How many people from the region want to go to Iceland?
    Just another loony "we're a big big city too" fantasy.
    How's the bus service to Des Moines doing?

  3. 3 other airlines are contemplating leaving citing huge increases in city taxes and fees.
    2 of the 3 blame the media for advocating increases and believe flyers will spend more time in line than now.
    1 of the 3 is encouraging Johnson County to build a rival airport.
    You heard and read it here first.

  4. And to think it’s this bad even after sLIE worked on this plan for a mere eight years!

  5. have to agree with the first comment. Not going to iceland anytime soon and neither are most people in KC.

  6. ^^^^^^^

    Dumbshits. Iceland is a great layover for Europe but you rubes wouldn't know that.

  7. Total mismanagement by Slie & Troy’s Aviation Department.

  8. 9:40 have you looked at a map lately??????????

    Why would any sane flyer go 500 plus miles out of their way on a flight to say London plus the extra time dealing with customs, baggage handlers and so forth?

    Non stop to Norway, Sweden and Finland is cheaper than booking a layover flight in Iceland unless you are flying no thrills airways. If Icelandair was making money on these flights they sure would not have stopped them and have done so because as someone said almost nobody thinks this was a great deal.

    Let's see, next time I fly to Vegas I think I'll book a layover in say Dallas.

  9. Super Dave, by the time you book a flight to anywhere you'll have to drive to St. Louis just to get on a plane!

    If you don't think City Hall and Northmoor, working together, can screw the whole KCI thing up enough to drive every airline out, you've probably already paid too much for your KCMO Streetcar Rider's Annual Pass.

  10. ^^WTF was that bullshit?

  11. Stupor Dave strikes again. He knows nothing about the real world.

    Iceland isn't far off trans-Atlantic flight paths that routinely use great circle routes. Despite your faith in 2-D maps and distrust of science, the earth isn't flat. Flight paths are drawn as arcs on regular maps, not straight lines, and pass very close to Iceland.

    You also missed the biggest point of the announcement. This was the ONLY non-stop international service from KCI. You can't book non-stop to Norway, Sweden and Finland from KCI. You need at least 1 and sometimes 2 connections now through Chicago, NY, Detroit, DC, Atlanta, etc., onward to a EU hub and other possible connection. Iceland offers a convenient single midpoint connection.

    So, Icelandair is a good option for London and several other markets. While they specialize in serving Scandinavian countries with connecting service to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, but also offer flights to Germany, France, Spain and the UK. Since they are part of the EU, you clear customs in Iceland and you're done. No second customs check in Europe.

    Good luck with your flight to Vegas. None of the big 3 US airlines offer non-stops to Vegas. You connect through cities much further than 500 miles away like LA, Chicago, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and yes American routes via Dallas / Fort Worth.

    But hey, at least you are ignorant on a wide variety of subjects.

  12. Now we know why Dave is so stupid.

    He keeps getting knocked the fuck out!


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