Newbie Kangaroos Fear Loose Key Access

We're sharing this Unews report if only to remind parents that campus life is far from foolproof even for the commuter city college . . . Here's a life lesson about worthless security protocols:

UMKC gave construction workers access to freshman dorms after students moved in

When 18-year-old Macalah Pederson arrived at UMKC on Aug. 12 to move into her dorm, the Oak Street Building was almost empty. The rest of the student body wouldn't arrive until Friday. Pederson was one of just 20 college students invited to arrive at UMKC four days early as part of the school's First Gen Roos program.


  1. Kudos to UMKC as they intro new students to the reality of dorm life. Talk about a great life lesson. I'm sure this is all part of a grand plan that someone cooked up. Beware, new students.


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