Monday, September 02, 2019

New Council Devises Kansas City Sketchy And Unproven Anti-Crime Plan

Again and again our blog community has made it as clear as daylight: PUT MORE COPS ON THE STREETS.

Sadly, economic incentive chatter and other ridiculous schemes dominate the local discourse in the midst of a 4th quarter homicide streak. Take a look:

New Kansas City Council Members See Community Policing, Airport Jobs As A Way To Fight Gun Violence

Missouri law severely limits Kansas City's gun-control powers. But three rookie city council members say there's still a lot the city can do to combat its violent crime crisis. Strategies include more community policing, more social services for struggling families and even a big push for local hires on the new Kansas City International Airport terminal project.


Anonymous said...

Melissa Robinson is one ugly broad. Makes my stomach churn.

Anonymous said...

They think there's going to be a new KCI in their lifetimes!


Hyperblogal said...

It would take longer to train the airport workers than to build the airport.

Anonymous said...

Community policing is a great idea and was tried in KCMO years ago.
But the council or course quickly lost interest and raced off to embrace the next shiny new thing, and the effort gradually deteriorated and was abandoned.
Pretty much like everything else that the electeds don't have the focus and priority to overcome the fact that they have little interest in actual municipal government or accountability and results from "programs, and that they have the attention span of gnats.
Given all that, there's not much sense of trying this strategy again.
As for jobs at the airport, someone it seems unlikely that individuals who are willing for fire indiscriminately into houses killing 8 year-old boys or firing into a First Friday crowd are likely to bring the life experiences, job attitude, or skill sets that that or any project, would require.
Address the problem and keep up the neighborhood sweeps with the state and the feds.
Taxpayer-funded make-work jobs program are a temporary feel-good fix and a waste of money.
If you're afraid of the "leaders" in the black community, just admit it and resign.

Anonymous said...

Sly really does deserve to have whatever shambles of an "airport" we finally get palmed-off on us named after him.

Anonymous said...

@10:51, what would be the FAA's code for "Fat-Assed Thieving Clown" Airport?

Nah, let's rename it "Kansas City Inconvenient", and keep the KCI designation.