More Deets On Anti-Gun Teen Advocate David Hogg Rock Chalk Speech Wherein All Opposing Viewpoints Will Be Silenced

A warning that deserves to be repeated . . . If locals come at this activist the wrong way, social media culture warriors will go after careers and contact employers rather than arguing the merits of any rhetorical tactic.

Don't say TKC doesn't love readers and wants us all to keep our job making the donuts despite ideological differences!!!

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Gun control advocate David Hogg to speak at KU

David Hogg - a survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, turned outspoken gun control advocate - will speak in November in Lawrence. The University of Kansas Political Science Department will host "David Hogg: Putting the USA over the NRA: What we must do to end gun violence" from 7:30 to 9 p.m.


  1. What a POS.


  2. He was a victim and he wants gun control? Sounds like he wants to be a victim again. Go feed the Hoggs David you're going after the wrong people.

  3. Does he cite Chicago as an example of nearly absolute gun control and its effectiveness?

  4. Alien-looking little mother-fucker.

  5. 11:43 he looks like that Martian in the old Twight Zone episode where the aliens met in an old diner, but it turned out to be a government trap.

  6. ES&D dude...from my cold dead hands.

  7. Didn't the little liar hide in a closet while his friends were dying? He didn't even try to create a diversion, although two teachers did. I bet he defecated in his pants.

  8. 1:03 GOOD MEMORY!

    That was one of the very early tip-offs that the Parkland school "shooting" was a staged event.

    Little CNN agent, David Hogg, son of a anti-Trump former FBI agent who ran disinformation operations, began his attacks on President Trump while hiding in a school classroom closet while the drill was being conducted.

    Did you know the Stoneman Douglas "shooter" wore a helmet which concealed his face?
    Have you ever seen surveillance video from inside the school?
    Do you know who Nikolas Cruz was? Do you know what happened to him? Why did the media forget about him and never tell the whole story?
    Did you know that the patsy was located in Coral Springs, a few hours after the event?
    Do you remember the Sheriff's deputies who arrived at the scene but wouldn't enter and engage the "shooter"? Were they told to stand down or did they know that something was fishy and refused to become a sacrificial lamb for those running the drill?
    Did you know that law enforcement, including the FBI, had been told repeatedly over the 2 years prior, that Cruz was reportedly violent and planning a school shooting?
    Did you know that someone posting under his name created social media accounts replete with violent threats and imagery?
    Are you familiar with intelligence agencies practice of fabricating a "legend" or back-history on those they are setting up to take the fall for crimes?

  9. Alex Jones Retard Squad in attendance today I see.

  10. What an insipid little fucktard, this asshole (Hogg) is. Why would anyone be interested in what it has to say??

  11. And Hogg is going to Harvard, so very soon he will be even more supercilious and insufferable than he is now.
    And he has lots and lots of ideas of how everybody else should be living their lives.
    Where's the "white privilege" crowd when you really need them?
    Please go sail on the multi-million dollar graphite sailboat that bought the other 16 year-old empress over from Norway to lecture everyone as to how the world should be.
    And the politicians and media just help help but to swarm and drool over these adolescent twits.
    "At least they're doing something"?

  12. Is he any more insufferable than that mess of disjointed shit you just wrote??? No. Jesus Christ geezer, learn to be concise and coherent in your message. You talk too much, have nothing to say and are an embarrassment. Do better!

  13. Parkland wasn't even the biggest false flag event. That prize goes to the Sandy Hook acting festival. Why do people not ask more questions about that staged event? Oh wait they tore down the school and got rid of all the evidence.

  14. A snot nosed teen ager on a speaking tour, how friggin stupid is that ? Draft that chicken shit and send him to Afghanistan for a couple of years.

  15. Every day in KCMO and hundreds of other cities there are hundreds of survivors - they are convenience store clerks, bank tellers, cab drivers, and many other occupations criminals target. They are much more likely to get shot than any high school student or even cops. Yet no one really cares about them, KU wouldn't give them the time of day.

  16. There he was, on his bicycle, riding to The Spott to suck some black dick when he heard gunshots...


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