Mean Jean Doubles Down On Critical Audit Of Exec Frank White And COMBAT Funds

Mean Jean Doubles Down On Critical Audit Of Exec Frank White And COMBAT Funds

Our blog community broke FIRST NEWS ABOUT THE DEFENSE OF THE JACKSON COUNTY COMBAT AUDIT yesterday and now here's a worthwhile followup that reveals the Prosecutor repeating her comments noting the error of the Executive . . .

County prosecutor, auditor stand by critical report

The Jackson County prosecutor's office is reiterating the results of an audit released last week - that when the county's COMBAT was under County Executive Frank White Jr. tax money was misspent, and spending often didn't go through proper channels such as approval by COMBAT managers."This report is accurate," Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker wrote to county legislators Wednesday.


  1. If only she would get this passionate about sending the murderous blacks to prison......

  2. Too bad Jean Petersucker Baker doesn’t prosecute hood rat criminals with the same aggressiveness she went after Frank with. Jean Petersucker Baker is worthless.

  3. Peters-Baker is bent out of shape because White misspent money from COMBAT and she wants to misspend the money doing what she wants to do.
    She's the big booster of KC NoVa, which has been a complete waste of money and resources and has actually drawn officers away from more productive efforts to confront the crime problems.
    But, of course, NoVa came from a college professor, so it just have to be a good idea.
    Just stand by for more tax money to be wasted.
    But it will be spent on new and different things.
    Food fight at the courthouse.

  4. Incompetent bitch, but would bang.

  5. Is mean Jean married? I love mean women!

  6. Petersucker is trying to distract everybody away from her complete and total failure as a prosecutor.


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