Mayor Quinton Lucas Seyz 15-Year-Olds With AR-15s Are A Problem In Kansas City

At the 2-minute mark of this clip the new City Hall honcho offers an "interesting" theory about gun violence in KCMO but then quickly works back to more practical concerns and his recent legislation.

Check the conversation . . .

Mayor Quinton Lucas talks with FOX4 Crime Files about his plans to address violent crime in the city.

You decide . . .


  1. Yes, Children with Ar 15's account for the same K C murder rate as the INNOCENT PEOPLE shown by BLM. We always choose to throw out some unrelated factor in all our problems. 0 and 0 are big statistics considering we've past 100 murders that did not include either. Unless you call every weapon an AR15 and every criminal INNOCENT.

  2. Mayor McDrinkerson has a special new theory about crime you guys!

  3. Saturday night specials are just as dangerous when held by a low IQ urban type idiot.

  4. Willful ignorance.
    Not a good start for Lucas to try to show he might be serious about murders in KCMO.
    A quick glance at the perpetrators of the 105+ murders so far this year would demonstrate how laughable this idea is.
    150+ homicides in KCMO again this year.
    Sad for the many good people who live in these neighborhoods.

  5. 6:16 those people choose to live in those neighborhoods, that’s good for us!


  6. No it's the 15 year old blacks in Kansas City that are the problem! Think that's racist? Well it's just the facts!

  7. ^^I think your racist sure. So does everybody else. That's why you're all alone posting at 8:09AM in lieu of living a meaningful existence. So sad!

    1. Oh Chimpy. Being in the zoo means you're never alone! Lol

  8. Seeing Lucas elected Mayor is whats the huge problem is in KC. Lucas has no plans and if he had the right plan 90% of those who voted him into office won't vote for him again. Lucas is just like the poster at 8:22, full of shit and and worthless words.

  9. ^^^ Calling someone racist is actually a complement these days. You're basically telling them that they are aware of the biological, cognitive, and historical differences between Europeans and people of color, particularly those people of 'color' coming from African continents. Charles Darwin touched on this subject over a century ago.

  10. I'm a racist with a many murders were committed by 15 year olds with Ar-15 in kansas city over the past decade verses how many were not. What's the problem again...what's the major similarity of the perp.s?

  11. I wonder if Lucas can point to a murder committed in KCMO by a 15 year old with an AR-15. I doubt it. Normally they use handguns, usually stolen. But being a leftist Democrat, Lucas refuses to get off that assault rifle bandwagon.

    1. I always carry a heat sensing laser guided Fully semi automatic machine gun Double barrel shotgun . With armor piercing buckshot.


    If you listen to Lucas, and you believe his words are sincere, you'd think he would embrace Conservative values like:
    law and order
    fiscal responsibility
    strong traditional families
    work ethic
    personal responsibility
    love thy neighbor

    But in reality, likely due to his dysfunctional upbringing, he seemingly always falls back to the Big Government/Big Brother response.

    Tolerance is a virtue, but KCMO should never elect a Mayor:
    Who has never met his biological father.
    Who hasn't invested in a KCMO home.
    Whose immediate family members are all single-mothers.
    Whose education and livelihood were dependent on the generosity of others.
    Who is a loquacious prima-donna with further political ambitions.

  13. @9:56am I’ve met and worked with Quinton on several projects. You are absolutely right!!

  14. He is not telling you That the 15 year olds,are involved in drug running drug distribution GUN running gangs and have mental problem's and the anger makes it worse. The Politicians will not tell you the real cause.

  15. DRUGS AND GUN RUNNING IS BIG BUSINESS. THE BAD GUYS WILL ALWAYS HAVE GUNS. And they want to take guns from honest Citizens that have them for protection of property and perpetrators.


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