Local Library Suspends Trans Program

Behind the scenes there's growing protest and push back against this community and this local institution is taking a cautious approach. Checkit:

Library evaluating future of transgender program

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Despite mostly positive feedback for a recent program discussing transgender issues, a handful of comments is prompting the Mid-Content Public Library to delay a second part of the program.


  1. Not Byron Funkhouser9/25/19, 4:22 PM

    What a "drag".

  2. "Many of the Mid-Continent libraries are being renovated and will soon have more intimate meeting spaces." LOL

  3. The article points out this loony (Long) is crybabying about the denial, or more likely, just a delay, of his tranny talks. He asserts there are meanies blocking his babbling out in the open spaces, amidst the books because they're TRANSPHOBICS!

    Pouty princess (Long) was told that decent, uninterested patrons don't want little kiddos, tweens, nor themselves to see and hear gender benders publicly broadcasting their boosheet!

  4. There is a god.

  5. Well, well, the genius gender confused Long should try asking one of those ACLU lawyers, or some other gender benders' defenders types, if they'd host his trash at some of their BathHouse locations.

    1. Yeah, and if none of those law office conference rooms are offered, have the trans talks in the Missy B's parking lot!

  6. God we need a bigger closet with a better lock on it.

  7. Byron Funkhouser9/25/19, 10:17 PM

    Or, you faggots could stop pretending to be heterosexual & join the parade.

  8. Oh Byron you stupid little bitch. It's okay to come out of the closet now.

  9. Lol, Byron sticking up for gays by calling other people faggots. I'm sure they want you on their side.


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