Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Big picture perspective on the property tax debate and how it might be fixed behind the scenes . . . But probably not. Take a look:

Kansas City Public Schools board to vote on tax levy rate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When it comes to 2019-20 property assessments in Jackson County, most people agree on one thing. "It's a big mess," Teresa Perry, a community activist, said Monday before the Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors.


Anonymous said...

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Us de onliest ones lookin out fo de Chilluns!
Gibs us de Monay!

(from the Official KCMOPSD statement on this matter)

Anonymous said...

Frosty Shithole of The World

I heart Shithole

That's the way we do Shithole

Q's Shithole of The Midwest

Hyperblogal said...

KCPS used to have 70-thousand students.... now, less than 15-thousand.... just saying.

Retro ROCKER said...

Many people that live in the kcps,district send there children to parochial or Private schools. And I have seen parents make sacrifices TO pay for the education. They don't buy a couple of forty thousand dollar,cars every few years .They have a nice ten years or older car and a great macanic. The tens of thousands they save go into a great education. Less school drama.