Legend Troy Aikman Fact Checks Hype Over Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

A very simple comparison of Super Bowl wins puts so much sports newsie stat geek sensationalism in the proper perspective.

Take a look:

Troy Aikman Disses Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes with Legendary Tweet

Troy Aikman won Twitter for the day. There was nothing spicier floating around the social media landscape late Monday night than the Hall of Fame quarterback's pushing back against a seemingly innocuous tweet regarding Chiefs gunslinger Patrick Mahomes, which referenced the former Cowboys great and current FOX announcer.


  1. If not for an off sides call in the AFC championship game Mahomes would of had his shot at his first Super Bowl.

  2. Who cares. !

  3. Aikman is right I guess. QB's are judged by Super Bowl victories. Mahomes will get there eventually.

  4. Troy knocked Mahomes the fuck out.

  5. ^^^No he didn't dummy. The kid almost got to the Super Bowl his first starting season (and would have, if questionable circumstances had been a bit different). That and the defense actually showing up to play...

  6. Byron Funkhouser9/24/19, 10:36 AM

    Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl.

    Does that mean he wasn't a great quarterback?

  7. Byron never made a good point in his life so does that make him an idiot?


  8. 10:27 Could of and should of does not get you in a Super Bowl. I could've won the Powerball Jackpot last Saturday night if it hadn't been for that guy calling out the wrong numbers.
    The Chiefs didn't make it and that's a simple fact any idiot should understand by now. BTW, last time I looked 50 plus players make up the Chiefs football team. Last Chiefs game I watched I didn't see Mahomes out on the field all by himself winning or playing these games. To me the kicker has the hardest job on the team. He gets one chance to do it right each time. All the other so called top players get several chances to make a score. Mahomes is overrated because he alone on the field won't ever win anything. If a kicker misses a field goal he is a rotten no good sumbitch. But making the quarterback the star of the team all the time is idiotic to say the least.

  9. Tom Brady has won six Super Bowls. When Mahomes wins half that many then you fanatics can start talking a little greatness. Lets see if after this season he even breaks into the greatest 40 quarterbacks of all time list. I seriously doubt he will. Legends are created over time not handed out for a single season of playing on a team known the world over for choking when it counts.


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