Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lawyers For Olathe Schools Target JUUL

Yeah, yeah, I know that's Jenny vaping the Blu competition but included the pic because overall the e-cig market is under siege.

One local example out of many:

Olathe schools poised to sue e-cigarette maker JUUL

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) - As the uproar over the health concerns caused by vaping grows across the county, one local school district seems poised to do something about it. On the district website Olathe Public Schools said the school board will meet midday Friday to vote on suing vaping products company JUUL.


Anonymous said...

Teach the children the three R's and stay out of the students and parents private life. If the school district has money to waste on this they can give the teachers a raise.

Anonymous said...

^^Thanks Maude, but nobody really asked you. Stick with what you know which is nothing.

Anonymous said...

^^ 6:08 is exactly right Chimpy.

Anonymous said...

oh the vaping boogie man. When you can't police your students or the stores who illegally sell to them I guess this is what happens