Kobach Earns New York High Rise Fundraising Help From Billionaire And Media Elite

This Kansas firebrand raising big bucks for his Senate campaign in a luxurious NYC locale should remind even the most loyalist hacks that PARTISAN POLITICS IS NOTHING LESS THAN MASS DECEPTION WAGED AGAINST THE WORKING POOR.

Translation: Most American political "heroes" are interchangeable stooges all working for the space monkey in the basement of the White House who REALLY runs things.

Take a look:

PICTURES: Peter Thiel Holds Fundraiser For Kris Kobach at NYC Apartment (Featuring Ann Coulter)

Political figures flocked to the Park Avenue apartment of PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel on Wednesday evening for a fundraiser in support of Republican Kris Kobach's 2020 Senate campaign. The fundraiser for Kobach, who has received support from President Donald Trump on a number of occasions, featured prominent personalities from the who's who of the American conservative scene.


  1. Run, Kris, run. Don't pay attention to what anyone says. With all that money behind you, how could you lose?

  2. Why he be takin' dat fag money?

  3. ^^same reason you take dat fag dick. Bitch.

  4. Besides, 7:28, Jesus will forgive gays if they give lots of money to right-wing candidates and vote Republican. When's the last time you went to church, sinner?

  5. ^^The last time you sucked cock and ate a greasy butthole.

  6. ^^^I told you before that in spite of your experiences in the Dixie Belle restrooms not every gay person does the anal thing. Just because you like it doesn't mean everyone does.

  7. Previous Kobach voter said:

    Agreed, Kobach in NYC, taking money from Big Brother 24/7/365 Surveillance Nation, Bilderberg member, billionaire homosexual, born in Germany, citizenship in Germany/US/New Zealand Peter Thiel......IS NOT A GOOD LOOK!

    That Kobach is revealing himself as a swimmer in these waters, is a result of his witnessing Trump's success with a P.T. Barnum strategy.

    Sign of the times.

  8. 9:26

    Thank you so much for the gay input.
    I will flush it, with all the rest of your faggot shit.

    Wait for it. He will respond by calling me gay.

  9. ^^and yet you ARE gay. At least that's what your wife says when I fuck her. Weird.

  10. Ann was the mostly manly person there.

  11. ^^^Including Kobach.

  12. "Wait for it. He will respond by calling me gay."

    Why dwell on the obvious, 10:53?

  13. gee frank how do make a greasy butthole?!


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