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This town's top faith writer offers and important perspective on an eternal truism: Governments have lied to the populace throughout history. Here's one tragic example that stand out against so many . . . Read more:

When truth becomes a casualty of government action: 9-28/29-19

The history of the Jewish people in Poland is long, productive, creative but ultimately brutal beyond imagining, as more than 90 percent of the roughly 3.3 million Jews living in Poland at the outbreak of World War II were murdered...


  1. Oy six million people died! We need to remember the 7 million jews who died. If we don't keep teaching the youth about the 8 million who were killed then they'll never remember!

  2. Bill doesn't care about the Millions of Christians murdered by atheistic Commies and he sure doesn't care about the 50 Million unborn eliminated by psychopathic abortion "doctors".


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