Monday, September 30, 2019

Kansas Republicans Push Back Against 'Tax & Spend' Democratic Party Granny Guv Kelly

A practical call to action from our Conservative pals even if IDEOLOGY seems to guide more voters rather than real life concerns that hit their wallet.

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AG Schmidt slaps back at Kelly administration sales tax directive - The Sentinel

A sales tax issued by Gov. Laura Kelly's administration, exceeds the Governor's authority, according to a legal opinion issued today by Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt's office. Kelly's directive, issued on Aug. 1, would require all out-of-state internet sellers making Kansas transactions to begin collecting and remitting sales taxes to the Sunflower State beginning tomorrow, Oct.


Anonymous said...

She has more credibility if her staff remembers to put her teeth in.

Anonymous said...

Another democrat abusing her office.

Anonymous said...

Interesting quote "The separation of our 3 branches of government is under attack by this administration and it needs to end". That sounds familiar and quite rich coming from Republicans. Maybe they can bring that one up with their federal counterparts.