Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Kansas Hates Congressman Watkins?!?!

The establishment GOP have a plan to primary him and lady protesters take to the streets against him . . . Here's another peek at the growing rift among Conservatives playing out for 2020.

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Protesters share anxiety about Rep. Steve Watkins' no vote on domestic violence bill

Libby Montgomery gripped a protest sign on a Topeka sidewalk as vehicles surged past Tuesday during a protest of U.S. Rep. Steve Watkins that brought out critics of his vote against legislation providing protections to survivors of domestic violence.She was positioned at the busy intersection of S.W. 10th and Gage at 5 p.m.


Anonymous said...

If the Democrats would propose a bill that only addresses domestic violence, there would be a better chance of bipartisan support. Instead, they load their bill up with a bunch of leftist crapola that they know the Republicans will never agree with. Conclusion: the Democrats don't really want to deal with it, they only want to bitch about Republicans.

Anonymous said...

A "protest" consisting of all of six people.
Wonder what the rest of the hundreds of thousands of voters think about this.
Investing in cardboard and Majik Marker companies is the best idea ever!

Andrew Dice Clay said...

Women out protesting? Sandwiches are not getting made.

Anonymous said...

Watkins is a fraud AND he doesn't even climb mountains.

Anonymous said...

They never tell the whole story ! I'll never vote for a democrat since they took off their Mask. I will always fish out of the Right side of the boat..... Watkins all the way.

Anonymous said...

Watkins doesn't want to pass any laws that will eventually be used against him.