Friday, September 27, 2019

Kansas City Westside Gentrification: YUM!!!

Quick look at a new place on the corner that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON with the rest of the neighborhood. That's not to say it doesn't seem really nice . . . TKC PRO-TIP: Keep walking when inside when "playfully" catcalled by neighbors and/or the hobos waiting for the bus across the street.

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Fox and Pearl's meaty menu is an ode to Kansas City's stockyard roots

Photographer: Alyssa BroadusKansas City is a meat town and always has been. A century ago, one of the world's busiest stockyards sprawled across 230 acres of the West Bottoms. When the cattle barons galloped south to Oklahoma City and west to the Kansas beef triangle, barbecue rose in their place, and since the 1920s and '30s, Kansas City has been...

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Anonymous said...

WTF is this stupid broad talking about. We are a vegan and veggie city! Farm to table!