Kansas City Unsecured: Temp Jail Might As Well Have Revolving Door Installed

Another escapee was recently captured but this big picture story offers a glimpse at local authorities barely hanging on to control over suspects and convicts . . . Checkit:

Temporary KC jail admits to lack of preparation amid escapes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The president of the Heartland Center for Behavioral Change admitted to 41 Action News on Monday that it was not prepared to house the inmates the city started sending to it in June.


  1. So the temporary jail is like a revolving door.
    Just like the courts with Peters-Baker's incompetence and the sentences handed down by the "restorative justice" judges.
    In-out and back on the streets.
    How many repeat offenders are arrested month after month?
    A sad and dangerous perpetual motion machine.


  2. City/Misdemeanor arrests can be just as violent as Felony arrests. Can you believe a city this size has no city owned jail? What are the city leaders thinking?

  3. Well, who called it "temporary".... seems to me they're just being accurate.

  4. Leg irons would be a quick fix as a temporary measure while building a secure facility.


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