Kansas City Tow Truck Crackdown

We'd normally put this in a compilation but the following news item is more of a public safety warning for what might be a tough Winter ahead wherein more locals will rely on these services and should take caution against getting ripped off. Read more:

Tow truck operator faces 31 forgery charges

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City tow truck company operator faces multiple forgery charges for allegedly illegally towing vehicles from Kansas City parking lots. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced that Allen T. Bloodworth, 42, faces 31 counts of forgery for illegally towing vehicles between April 7, 2017 and Nov.


  1. Johnson County would have gotten this guy years ago if he was doing it there. I guess we are lucky Jackson County is doing anything at all.

  2. All tow companies are pirates!

  3. When the economy takes a downturn, ..That is when The Scams will be more frequent,

  4. If you see any tow truck driver and don’t like them- don’t just put a banana in their tailpipe-
    Put a peach in it.
    Then call Jackson County and demeans an investigation!
    Try to get them imPEACHED.... and tell them you are a Democrat.

  5. Don’t we go through this towing garbage every year?


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